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A Tribute to Tim Burton

Honouring Tim Burton's eccentric sense of style while creating our own original display presentation was challenging.

We played with elements derived from many of the costume designs from Tim's famous movies such as, buckles, stripes and lots of black but we also added our own details to add texture and interest to the display. A feather bolero jacket and feather collar were two unique pieces that provided some originality to the display. Hits of red on the mannequin's lips and in key merchandise pieces created a colour story with impact.

Lace umbrellas were a bit too pretty to support our theme, partially destroying some of them to support the imagery proved to be worth the effort. Destroying these artfully so that they looked interesting visually is actually pretty challenging...We purchased extra lace fabric identical to the fabric in the umbrellas to give the impression that the umbrellas were semi-destroyed.

Fashion Photographer
Imagery within window display:
Mike Lewis

Window Display Photographer
Shots of window display:
James Doiron


Elite Model Management:

Window Installation Credits
students and alumni

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Mary Beatty 
Olivia Cheyne

Fashions Arts Diploma Program:
Ramona Falk
Cherbille Araullo
Franceska Nanavati
Tara Ocansey
Dee Drobotenko
Kelsey Maclean

Fashion Arts Diploma graduate:
Andre Glashen (Senior stylist)
Suhani Kapadia
Laura Wintle 
Stephanie MacCuspic
Raydeen Young

Photography Credits

Katie WoodcockArt Director 
Fashion Arts Diploma graduate:
Katie Woodcock

Hair Stylist
Fashion Arts Diploma graduate:
Laura Wintle

Makeup Stylist
Fashion Arts Diploma graduate:
Shaunessi Anderson

Wardrobe Stylist
Fashion Arts Diploma graduate:
Laura Dias