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Queen of Ice

Students from Fashion Arts, Creative Photography, Multi Media Production and the Fashion Management Degree program proudly unveiled their most recent creation at The Fashion Institute, titled, QUEEN OF ICE. The display was loosely based on the popular children's Disney movie, "FROZEN". 

A trendy tiffany blue colour story kept things simple while highlighting pristine white gowns adorned with hundreds of crystals. Enormous icicles made from melted plastic were suspended along the front of the display creating visual interest and adding depth to the presentation. White feathered wigs introduced a fantasy element to this display while hundreds of feet of tiffany blue tulle framed the entire space, creating a sense of whimsy and adding a feminine touch.

Students worked around the clock for several days to complete the entire installation.

The making of "Queen of Ice"

Meagan, Elmer Olsen Model Management

Paul Chmielowiec, Fashion Photography
James Doiron, Window Display Photography
Anthony Saleh, Creative Photography, Alumni, Time Lapse Video

Production Coordinators
Samantha Samuel, Fashion Arts, Alumni
Maria Jose Garcia, Fashion Arts, Alumni

 Senior Stylist
Chanel McCollin, Fashion Arts, Alumni 

 Art Direction
Christina Kent, Fashion Arts, Alumni 

 Wardrobe Styling
Eleni Panayotakos, Fashion Arts, Alumni 
Alice Wood, Fashion Arts, Alumni

Make-up Styling
Noura Barre, Fashion Arts, Alumni 

 Hair Styling
Olga Kuznetsova, Fashion Arts, Alumni 

  Set Design
Allison Bradbury, Fashion Arts, Alumni 

Visual Merchandisers
Dosh, Osholowu, Multimedia and Production, Alumni
Olivia Cheyne, Fashion Management Degree
Lauren Fusillo, Fashion Arts
Emma Salzmann, Fashion Arts
Amanda Henry, Fashion Arts
Chaneil Fidelino, Fashion Arts
Abhijith Bindiganavilai, Fashion Arts
Nargis Akter, Fashion Arts
Nikita Fernandes, Fashion Arts
Carolyn Kabatas, Fashion Arts
ABM Amin, Fashion Arts,
Stephanie Blinn, Fashion Arts
Marco Maurer, Fashion Arts
Alkarim Ladhani, Fashion Arts
Alicia Kronowetter, Fashion Arts
Alysha Joseph, Fashion Arts
Iriz Cruz, Fashion Arts
Julie Gaddess, Fashion Arts
Kala Bustard, Fashion Arts
Monica Leung, Fashion Arts
Denise Bernard, Fashion Arts 
Curtis McRoberts, Fashion Arts