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Paint By Humber

The Faculty of Business selected "Paint By Humber" as the winning window treatment for Summer 2012. Students and graduate students worked diligently to bring this window to life in all its vibrant glory.

Challenges faced include:

  • Successfully combining informal inexpensive props with formal merchandise to create contrast and add a sense of humour to a 55 ft. window display based on a "paint" theme.
  • Locating merchandise with various paint splatter prints that will support the overall theme but maintain a classy merchandise presentation.
  • Figuring out how to apply paint to the windows in a way that it could be easily removed. 

Solution to the paint: Blank sheets of vinyl cling (courtesy of Grenville Printing) were applied to the windows. Painting on this allowed for a quick and clean removal.

Visual Merchandiser
Andre Glashen
Suhani Kapadia
Rachael Driedger
Cassandra Kenzora
Stephanie Maccuspic

Window Installation
Students of the Fashion Art Program

Hair Stylist
Anamika Swaby Mcknight

Make-up Stylists
Momal Khalid
Naomi Braithwaite

Prop Stylist
Jameela Williams

Art Direction
Tamar Golden

Wardrobe Stylists
Anoop Kaur
Neva Wireko

Fashion Photographer
Paul Chmielowiec 

Window Display Photographer 
James Doiron

Photo Retouching
Jessie Massari
Gary Harms
Samantha Samuel