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Jill Frost

The Faculty of Business selected "Jill Frost" as the winning window treatment for Winter 2012. Students and graduate students worked diligently to bring the window to life by creating an icy pink frosted winter wonderland with a non traditional pastel pink colour story to mimic the student photography which featured a fashionably dressed frosted figure peering through ice covered branches in an enchanted forest setting.

Challenges faced included: "Jill Frost" was truly the most challenging window display that we have executed to date. Creating a 55 ft. wall of crinkled pink transparent cellophane proved to be very challenging. Drooping cellophane bunches stood up into place once we figured out that gravity could work for us. Adding a balloon weight to the bottom of 35 separate pieces of vertical fishing line created the perfect positioning for the cellophane bunches and made the wall more manageable. Spray ice was used on the actual window to simulate frost. Mannequins were positioned to look like they were scraping their way out of the window with blinged out ice scrapers. Chipping away the frosted film was harder than we imagined and provided hours of entertainment. Suspending 200 branches and 70 mirrors required more ladders than we had access to which slowed us down a little. Students were inspired by one of their favourite retailers "Fashion Crimes" who are known for creating elaborate up do's made of tulle and interesting props. Creating an icy pink frosted winter wonderland was the ultimate challenge.

Photography Credits

Art Direction
Jacen Duncan

Make-up Styling
Stephanie Procenko

Wardrobe Styling
Sara Paris

Hair Styling
Michelle King

Set Design
Tamara De Luna

Elmer Olsen Model Management

Window Installation Credits

Fashion Arts Program:
Chanel McCollin
Samantha Samuel
Cherbille Araullo
Maria Jose Garcia
Stephanie Carr
Rebekah Stevens
Kate King Wale

Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Raydeen Young
Marcella Hall
Ashley Laswick

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Angelika Stoklosa
Mary Beatty

Professional Photography
Fashion imagery within display:
Jennifer Aurich 

Window display photography:
James Doiron

Student Photographer
Creative Photography Program:
Anthony Saleh

Photo Retouching
Fashion Arts Program:
Samantha Samuel

Merchandise and Prop Coordinators
Fashion Arts Program:
Cherbille Araullo
Maria Jose Garcia
Julia Smith