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Semester Abroad programs are your opportunity to experience the world and go to school at the same time!


Degree Student Opportunities

Partner institutions in Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria, Japan, Jamaica, Sweden, New Zealand and more!



Watch the video to hear Humber students talk about the benefits of spending a semester abroad.

Advantages of Humber Academic Exchanges

Academic exchange opportunities stem from a formal agreement between Humber and an academic institution of similar stature abroad. A key advantage is that you pay your regular tuition and fees to Humber, and are not subject to international student fees at the partner school. You may be eligible for OSAP, and for Humber’s Study Abroad/International Mobility Bursary for additional financial support. You also benefit from the experience of Humber students who have studied at the same institution in the past, and faculty/staff who have worked closely with our partners to build the relationship between our schools. Academic credit successfully completed abroad will be transferred to your Humber credential, to keep you on schedule for graduation.

Plus, the opportunity to study abroad in a different country is… pretty awesome, right?

Visit the Global Opportunities site for the Step-By-Step Guide and Application Form.

Longo Faculty of Business students can learn more about specific details by contacting:

Rosie Lima,
International Partnerships and Student Mobility Advisor,
Longo Faculty of Business

Diploma Student Opportunities

Partner institutions in Taiwan, Finland and Italy!

Longo Faculty of Business diploma students in the programs for the opportunities below, can learn more about specific details by contacting:

students in front of the ocean

4th Semester Taiwan

Students in Hospitality - Event Management, Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations and Tourism - Travel Service Management programs spend 18 weeks living, touring and studying at National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality & Tourism (NKUHT)! While there, students will take unique experiential courses towards the completion of their 4th semester credits. There are planned excursions and optional activities.

Florence Trip

4th Semester Italy

Students in Baking & Pastry Arts Management and Culinary Management may be eligible for this unique opportunity to complete their fourth semester in Italy. This eight week academic program offers our students a meaningful and challenging experience in baking and pastry arts from an international perspective and is offered in partnership with APICIUS International School of Hospitality at the Florence University of Arts.


Students Currently Studying in Taiwan for 4th Semester Taiwan

“Taiwan has been an experience to say the least. I came to Taiwan as part of the exchange program that is offered through Humber, and it was the best decision I could have made. I've travelled around quite a bit through Central and South America, Australia, Europe, but Asia has always stolen my heart. I had friends who used to live and work in Taiwan, and they absolutely adored it. When I heard there was an opportunity to study here, I was emailing everyone trying to get more information—and, well, here I am.

I wasn't sure what to expect since I know the culture is so different compared to home. The first thing I noticed was how welcoming and nice people are here, even if you don't speak the language. We each got a ‘study buddy’ upon arrival to help us out and to show us around. We got to see a few temples, major landmarks and even headed to different cities not far from Kaohsiung. It's all just so beautiful. Once school started, everyone wanted to come talk to us and soon became our friends. This is great because they also wanted to show us around and give us great suggestions of things to do and see.
It's also been an interesting time being here with a global pandemic going on. I talk to friends back home and they tell me how hard it has been for them, while I still get to go to school and am not as affected by it. It's amazing being in a country where I feel safer in than being home in Canada. Overall, Taiwan has been an incredible place to be and if you have the opportunity to come, don't let it get away. I can promise you that you will fall in love with the country and the people like I have.”

~ Anna, Tourism—Travel Services Management program

“I have really enjoyed my experience so far in Taiwan, and I'm happy I decided to participate in the study abroad program at National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism. Taiwanese cuisine is unique, and you can get it almost anywhere at any time of the day for very little cost. Transport costs are also very cheap as well. You can get almost anywhere in the city via public transit for only a couple dollars (CDN). Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 virus, I haven't been able to go to as many places as I had hoped, but hopefully I will be able to when it clears up later in the year. Being in such a central location in East Asia, it's affordable and easy to fly across the region to other countries such as South Korea, Thailand, or Japan.”

~ Carson, Tourism—Travel Services Management program

“My experience in Taiwan has been amazing so far—from the way of life and the food to the prices and the people. Even the weather has been great. At first, I thought the weather was going to be bad. I thought it might have been hot everyday here. However, it is still good to go out during the daytime even at 32 degrees. Everything here has been better than my experience living in Toronto. Even with it being my first time living alone in an environment totally different than my own, it has been wonderful.”

~ David, Tourism—Travel Services Management program