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Haute HVAC


Working with ducting was a little challenging for us fashionistas. Consulting with product manufacturers was helpful and served as entertainment for those in the HVAC industry who don't normally receive too many questions regarding the use of ducting to create fashion for mannequins. Our thanks to MaticAir who gave us some great pricing on ducting and answered many of our unusual questions. Mounting the ducting to gator board required a few trips to the hardware store to ensure that we had the right tools and supplies to work with. Sharp edges had to be carefully taped to avoid injury. In the end it was worth the effort as the ducting combined with silver merchandise created an amazing metallic, reflective abstract wonderland that serves as a fabulous attention getter.

Window Installation Credits
Fashion Arts Program (1st year):
Chelsea Trudel

Fashion Arts Program (2nd year):
Kate King Wale
Dee Drobotenko 
Festina Smith
Samantha Samuel
Kelsey Maclean
Maria Jose Garcia
Ramona Falk
Chanel Mccollin
Cherbille Araullo
Tara Ocansey
Franceska Nanavati
Makayla Clarke

Fashion Arts Program (alumni):
Andre Glahen 

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Angelika Stoklosa
Olivia Cheyne

Photography Retouching
Fashion Arts Program (2nd year):
Kelly Davis 
Maria Jose Garcia

Fashion Photographer
Mike Lewis

Retail Window Display Photographer
James Doiron


Fashion Editorial Imagery in Window
Student stylists

Art Director
Jennifer Saliga

Hair and Make-up
Madalyn Cabral

Gary Levy

Merchandise Coordinators
Maria Jose Garcia
Julia Smith
Cherbille Araullo