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Students from Fashion Arts, Fashion Management, Graphic Design, Electrical Engineering and Creative Photography, proudly unveiled their most recent creation at The Fashion Institute on December 6th, 2015.

The window display exudes opulence and celebrates the decorative detailing popular from the Baroque period. Mannequins are on display in elaborately detailed antique gold and black merchandise and accessories, the perfect colour story for a holiday time frame.
Fifty ornate gold mirrors and antique frames were carefully suspended from the ceiling grid creating a dramatic attention getting device. Large black damask decals were adhered to gold reflective paper panels to create a sophisticated back drop. Panels of black damask curtains framed mannequins dressed in festive gowns accessorized with elaborate hand made fascinators, damask hose, feather neck rings and fabulous faux stoles. Ornate eye masks added a mysterious quality to this holiday display.

This student generated window installation will be available for public viewing at The Fashion Institute, 3166 Lakeshore Blvd. West until mid February 2016.

Window Installation Team
Seerlee Dinnall-Archer - Fashion Arts Alumni & Fashion Management
Craig Bagol - Electrical Engineering Technician Alumni
Tavier Blackstock - Volunteer from Open House North Campus
Sebastian Blagdon, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Michelle Cabral, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Jesse Cepeda, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Gwen Cullin, Graphic Design
Maria-Jose Carcia, Fashion Arts Alumni
Rachel Hall, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Nicole Hildreth, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Amanda Jacques, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Mandeep Litt, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Chanel McCollin, Fashion Arts Alumni
Kristeen Marshall, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Kaela Musumbulwa, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Jessica Nguyen, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Vivian Okpala, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Zen Pearson, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Samantha Samuel, Fashion Arts Alumni
Nikita Shah, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Jewell Smith, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Cynthia Sunardi, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Shaniece Sylva, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year
Maria Tomaras, Fashion Arts, 2nd Year 

Fashion Photographer
Jennifer Aurich

Meagan, Elmer Olsen Model Management

Wardrobe Styling
Michelle General
Wei Zhang  

Senior Stylist
Chanel McCollin

Production Coordinator
Maria Jose Garcia
Samantha Samuel

Art Direction
Liane Llagas

Set Design
Shuxin Liu
Dharmi Lad
Ying Ju