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Take Pride

This window display entitled "Take Pride" was created in anticipation of the annual "PRIDE" parade and to visually represent our commitment to celebrating diversity within the college community and the world at large. We were thrilled to feature a student model, Kayla Bustard, Fashion Arts Diploma program and Eden, Elmer Olsen Model Management within the window imagery.

A series of same sex mannequins are sporting trendy black and white graphic looks with pops of the famous rainbow PRIDE flag colours to accessorize their outfits. A black and white checkered abstract environment was created by stapling paper squares to large sheets of foam core panels creating visual interest by using repetition and contrast as our primary attention getting devices.

Managing the movement of fourteen mannequins in a confined space was the biggest challenge we faced creating this display.

take pride window display

Watch the video to see the Take Pride window display come to life. 

student work

Art Direction
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Marque Ferguson

Make-up Styling
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Leesa Coleman
Hannie Rose McKie

Wardrobe Styling
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Ryhanna Russell
Dwight Balutan
Alina Tychkova

Hair Styling
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Ryhanna Russell

Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Kayla Bustard 

Elmer Olsen Model Management:

Fashion Photography
Paul Chmielowiec

Window Display Photography
James Doiron

Media Specialist

Anthony Saleh

Window Installation Team
Visual Merchandisers:

Fashion Arts Diploma Program (First Year):
Kristen Bowen 
Marco Maurer
Stephanie Blinn

Fashion Arts Diploma Program (Alumni):
Ryhanna Russell
Chanel McCollin
So Young Kang
Maria Jose Garcia
Kayla Bustard
Brittany Sinclair
Samantha Samuel

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Olivia Cheyne

Creative Photography Program (First Year):
Blaine Milne

Post Graduate Certificate Program (Alumni):
Hanna Joie Soon
Christina Ariana Pallotta

Accounting Program:
Christopher Sookras

Associate Deans
Lakeshore Campus:
James Cullin

North Campus:
Avril Carnovale

Program Coordinators
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Pauline Ashworth

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Norma Ouellette

Postgraduate Certificate Programs (Fashion Management and Promotions):
Susan Roberton

Faculty Support
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Kim Rich
David Carroll