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A Tribute to Roy Lichtenstein

This unique window introduces some much needed comic relief as pressures of a new school year begin to build. It was designed to promote student work that was based on a Pop Art theme. The famous artwork of Roy Lichtenstein inspired students to create an entire room set and fashion story based on his iconic sense of style. Loaded with primary colours and nostalgic comic book humour, this window gives the mannequins an opportunity to finally "speak" via speech bubbles. The familiar story line is based on a family situation where Dad (Superman) is attempting to use tough love to give his daughter the push she needs to abandon her diva ways and enroll in a college program to develop the employment skills necessary to lead an independent life and pay for her own phone bills. Attention getters include: colour, nostalgia, props, humour and repetition.

Challenges faced included: This window was challenging because every element of this window had to be carefully positioned to ensure that the story line was easily understood.


A Tribute to Roy Lichtenstein
Behind the Scenes Window Display

Art Direction
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Samantha Samuel

Make-up Styling
Cosmetic Management Program (Alumni):
Nitzia Montti

Wardrobe Styling
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Melanie Hoefs

Hair Styling
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Elizabeth Khan

Set Design
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Adeena Harripaul

Elmer Olsen Model Management:

Window Installation Credits

Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Samantha Samuel
Adeena Harripaul
Chanel McCollin
Victoria Drage
Dinah Ankrah
Kate King Wale
Cherbille Araullo
Maria Jose Garcia
Andre Glashen
Melanie Hoefs

Professional Photography
Fashion imagery within display:
Paul Chmielowiec

Window display photography:
James Doiron

Student Photographer
Creative Photography Program (Alumni):
Anthony Saleh

Photo Retouching
Fashion Arts Program:
Samantha Samuel

Merchandise and Prop Coordinators
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Samantha Samuel

Faculty Support
Kimberley Rich