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  • female mannequins dressed on race gear
  • female mannequins dressed on race gear
  • female mannequin dressed with road helmet
  • female mannequins dressed on race gear
  • fashion institute window of female mannequins
  • female mannequins dressed on race gear

female mannequins in race gear

female dressed in race gear

The Fast and the Fierce

This window display was developed by a talented group of students who recently won second prize for their "NASCAR" inspired window concept presented at Network Nights. This annual event encourages students from a variety of creative programs to connect, collaborate, create and compete for prize money to fund their photo shoot and window design concepts. Winning groups are provided with funds to book professional models and purchase merchandise, props and backdrops which would otherwise be out of reach for many students.

This prize winning display celebrates trendy motocross inspired fashions while providing timely visual support to a major community event; the Honda Indy car race, scheduled for mid July. The display pays homage to all things inspired by sports and speed.

Students used colour and motion to create major drama in this window presentation. Primary colours of red, blue and yellow, with high contrast black and white accents completely filled the enormous space. A black and white checkerboard floor was created by using no seam photography paper and 12" white card stock paper squares, which were carefully adhered over an intense two day installation process. Mannequins featuring heavily branded sportswear waved checkered flags which were supported by fishing line and set into motion, thanks to fifteen strategically placed mini fans. Tool cabinets in familiar primary colours created three dramatic focal points in the display and will later serve as excellent storage for Visual Merchandising "tools of the trade" for use by student volunteers. The creative concept also included tire tread marks which were created using vinyl cling and adhered to the window in large diagonal patterns to visually reinforce the idea of motion and speed.

The Fashion Institute's high profile street front property serves as an exceptional space to showcase extraordinary student work, while assisting students with the daunting task of building a comprehensive visual portfolio to create future employment opportunities.

Network Nights Winning Team (Concept Development)
Fashion Arts and Business Diploma Program
Alicia Gervais
Hannah Sharpe
Rizwana Saleh
Zoha Saeed
Christopher Morrison
Hodan Worsema

Creative Photography Diploma Program
Zoran Dragojevic
Danielle Colclough

Fashion Management Degree Program
Sebastian Blagdon

Visual Merchandisers
Fashion Management and Promotions Postgraduate Certificate Program
Alexandra Khan
Feifei Huang

Creative Photography
Zoran Dragojevic

Fashion Arts and Business Diploma Program
Melinda Sunderdas

Jodi Ann Jones
James Stevens

Production Coordinators
Fashion Arts and Business Diploma Program
Samantha Samuel
Maria Jose Garcia

Art Direction
Alicia Gervais

Mike Lewis

Assistant Photographer
Danielle Colclough

Set Design
Daniel D'Silva

Senior Stylist
Sebastian Blagdon

Sebastian Blagdon

Flora Reinhardt
Aihzra Zelaya

Alexandra Khan

Special Thanks

Hannah and Sarah, Elmer Olsen

Dean, Faculty of Business
Alvina Cassiani

Associate Dean, Faculty of Business
James Cullin

Program Coordinator, Fashion Arts and Business
Jennifer Dawson

Program Coordinator, Fashion Management
Bruce Sinclair

Program Coordinator, Fashion Management and Promotions Postgraduate Certificate Program
Rossie Kadiyska

Instructors, Fashion Arts and Business Diploma Program
Kim Rich and David Carroll