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November 20th, 2016 launched our holiday window display at The Fashion Institute, titled "La Bella Rosa".

The concept was developed in February of this year by a talented group of first-year Fashion students who presented their window design idea to the Dean, Associate Dean, Program Coordinators and faculty within the Fashion and Cosmetics Programs at the North campus during the final week of Network Nights (Network Nights is an opportunity for Fashion, Photography, and Cosmetic students to collaborate and present concepts to a panel of judges). The college funded the execution of their photo shoot concept based on their outstanding presentation.

The display is heavily influenced by iconic Spanish inspired merchandise featuring, layers of red ruffles in true flamenco style and fringe trimmed dark capes with ornate gold embroidery. Students spent many hours carefully suspending five very large rose head pieces and fifteen red topiary rose balls throughout the display.

The window display will be available for public viewing until mid February 2017.

Window Installation Team

Kristen LaRizza - Fashion Arts
Jaden Batson - Fashion Arts
Amanda Seto - Fashion Arts
Arianna Ghajadar - Fashion Arts
Evan Green - Fashion Arts
Vanessa Iles - Fashion Arts
Brie Moody - Fashion Arts
Nikola Bissessar - Fashion Arts
Annie Wang - Fashion Arts
Tommy Nguyen - Fashion Arts
Medjy Mezilus - Fashion Arts
Megan Fuda - Fashion Arts
Param Sodhi - Fashion Arts
Chelsy Jo Orlando - Fashion Arts
Annie Aponte - Fashion Arts
Sara Elkihidir - Fashion Arts
Leah Andrade - Fashion Arts
Hellen Escobar - Fashion Arts
Daniel Ugbekile - Fashion Arts
Emma Brewer - Fashion Arts
Sebastian Blagdon (Alumni) -  Fashion Management Degree
Jenny Nguyen - Fashion Arts
Kate Mendonca - Fashion Management Degree
Al-Karim Ladhani - Fashion Arts
Jessica Duong - Fashion Arts
Jolisa Gauthier - Fashion Management Degree
Blair Pulido - Fashion Arts
Wei Shi Ting (Ciara) - Fashion Arts
Janice Nzala - Fashion Arts
Mananshi Patel - Fashion Arts
Samantha Samul - Alumni

Mike Lewis

Erin Foster, Elmer Olsen Model Management

Art Direction
Blair Pulido
Janice Nzala
Medjy Mezilus

Makeup Styling
Matt Barnes

Hair Styling
Kristeen Marshall