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In celebration of the Pan Am games, students featured sportswear which was covered in dramatic black and white diagonal lines. Mesh, and modern transparent elements, such as lucite necklaces, transparent tennis skirts and clear bags completed the looks.

The visual team focused on tennis and soccer to take advantage of 250 inexpensive ball props which were carefully suspended by fishing line from the ceiling grid in the window. Students covered several large foam core boards with graphic black and white diagonal lines to suggest action and movement, while whisper pink accessories added a feminine flavour to this display.

Repetition, colour, contrast and use of line worked as effective attention getters in this window presentation.

Students from a variety of programs within the college worked tirelessly for several days to complete the entire window installation.

Ishie – Elmer Olsen Model Management
Eden – Elmer Olsen Model Management

Fashion Photographer
Jennifer Aurich, Fashion Photography (Off Figure)
Paul Chmielowiec, Fashion Photography (Off Figure)
Mike Lewis, Fashion Photography
Window Display Photography: James Doiron

 Hair Styling
Sebastian Blagdon
Amanda Henry

 Make-up Styling
Paula Dajnarowicz

Prop and Set Design
Stephen Kassies

Wardrobe Styling
Alysha Joseph
Seerlee Dinnall-Archer
Shanice Romelus

Graphic Design
Gwen Cullin 

Art Director
Jesaves Okuefuna

  Faculty Support
Kim Rich
David Carroll

Associate Dean, Lakeshore Campus
James Cullin

Associate Dean, North Campus
Avril Carnovale

 Program Coordinators
Pauline Ashworth
Susan Roberton
Bruce Sinclair 

Visual Merchandisers
Samantha Samuel, Fashion Arts Alumni
Maria Jose Garcia, Fashion Arts Alumni
Chanel McCollin, Fashion Arts Alumni
Alison Nolan, Fashion Mgmt Degree Program
Alannah Wagg, Fashion Arts Alumni
Jesaves Okuefuna, Fashion Arts Alumni
Alysha Joseph, Fashion Arts Alumni
Stephanie Orazietti, Fashion Arts
Erica Gilpin, Fashion Arts
Shaniece Sylva, Fashion Arts
Craig Bagol, Electrical Engineering Alumni 

A special thanks to Keith Burlton, TJX Canada, who gave students the creative freedom they so desired.