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This fun filled high contrast holiday window display captures your attention by utilizing an assortment of polka dot props including: hat boxes, shopping bags, large scale gift wrap and thirty-five adorable dalmatian puppies.

The lead mannequin pays tribute to Cruella De Vil and her iconic over the top signature high contrast style, complete with high volume wig and glorious black and white feather shrug.

Hundreds of puppy paw prints covered the floor of this holiday display implying motion and adding a playful touch of whimsy.

Our biggest challenge during this install was weathering a major snow storm which made viewing the window from the outside to correctly position props and mannequins within difficult. 

Attention getting devices included: contrast, props, scale and repetition.

This fun filled high contrast holiday window display captures 
your attention by utilizing an assortment of polka dot props.

Fashion Photography
Mike Lewis

Window Display Photography 
James Doiron 

Creative Media Specialist 
Anthony Saleh

Photo Retouching
Instructor (FASH 348 Adobe Creative Suite):
David Carroll

Fashion Arts Diploma Program: 
Christina Kent

Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Dwight Balutan

Elmer Olsen Model Management:

Art Direction
Fashion Arts Diploma Program (alumni)
Kelly Davis

Make-up Styling
Fashion Arts Diploma Program (alumni):
Brittany Kuharski

Hair Styling
Fashion Arts Diploma Program (alumni):
Erika Barrientos

Set Design
Fashion Arts Diploma Program (alumni):
Maria Jose Garcia

Faculty Support
Kim Rich

Associate Dean 
James Cullin

Window Installation Team
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Sarah Cernetti
Kayla Bustard
Lee Diemer
Leslie Wright
Dwight Balutan
Vanessa Park
Andrea Della Mattia

Fashion Arts Diploma (Alumni):
Samantha Samuel
Chanel McCollin
Jessica Martel
Erika Barrientos
Kelly Davis

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Olivia Cheyne
Stephanie Portelance
Nilofer Timol

Fashion Management and Promotions Post Graduate Program:
Cally Maclean
Katherine Koren
Kaelin King
Erika Whitehall