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Over sized chain link accessories inspired students to develop this highly reflective monochromatic window display. The window is loaded with texture and shine thanks to eighteen strategically placed security mirrors that reflected six hundred feet of chrome coated plastic chain.

Challenges faced

Suspending real chain in the window was our first and most obvious option. We quickly discovered that the weight of the amount of chain that we wanted to suspend could probably take down our ceiling grid and cause a work hazard so we searched on line for a plastic alternative that still looked like real chain. Finding this alternative made the install relatively quick. Enough students and enough step ladders to suspend each of the 72 chains was key. The security mirrors provided a reflective quality to make it appear as though we had purchased double the amount of chain.

Attention getters: repetition, mirrors, colour, props

linked in window display

Over sized chain link accessories inspired students to 
develop this highly reflective monochromatic window display.

Photography Credits
student work

Make-up Styling
Fashion Arts (Alumni):
Victoria Drage

Wardrobe Styling
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Andre Glashen

Hair Styling
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Lina Mandaglio

Elmer Olsen Model Management:

Window Installation Credits 

Fashion Arts Program Alumni:
Samantha Samuel
Maria Jose Garcia

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Olivia Cheyne

Public Relations (Postgraduate Program) Alumni:
Avori Cheyne

Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Chanel McCollin

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Alexa Fragale
Madeline Araujo

Fashion Arts Diploma Program (Alumni):
Jessica Martel

Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Sarah Cernetti
Vanessa Odero-Opoky
Dwight Balutan
Leslie Wright
Lee Diemer
Kayla Bustard

Professional Photography 
Fashion imagery within display:
Paul Chmielowiec

Window display photography:
James Doiron

Creative Photography Program (Alumni):
Anthony Saleh

Photo Retouching
Fashion Arts Program:
Rebecca Reeves

Merchandise and Prop Coordinator
Fashion Arts Program (Alumni):
Maria Jose Garcia 

Faculty Support
Kimberley Rich