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This window installation was based on a Japanese theme entitled "Sakura Warrior". Spectacular metallic gold asian fans and hundreds of over sized sakura blossoms created a magical Spring environment which mimics the student photography. Fashion students developed the wardrobe concept which included colourful yukatas with obi belts layered over ball gowns. A cosmetic student researched and executed this amazing makeup application which brought the imagery to life. Two mannequins are spinning in the display on turn tables to showcase the colourful floral designs of the yukatas and the stunning traditional obi bows. 

Students worked diligently over a 24 hour period to execute this Spring Launch window display.

sakura warrior window display

This window installation was based on a Japanese theme 
entitled "Sakura Warrior".

Visual Merchandisers

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Alexa Fragale
Stephanie Portelance
Olivia Cheyne

Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Nikkila Young
Rebecca Patterson
Sarah Nicholson
Devon Inrig
Sarah Cernetti
Jenny Bui
Marque Ferguson
Lee Diemer

Fashion Arts Diploma Program (alumni):
Maria Jose Garcia
Vanessa Nielsen
Samantha Samuel
Chanel McCollin

Special Guest:
Pilar Garcia

Photography Styling
student work

Art Direction
Fashion Arts Diploma (alumni): 
Maria Jose Garcia
Fashion Arts Diploma

Hair Styling
Fashion Arts Diploma (alumni):
So Young Kang
Jyotika Khurana

Makeup Styling 
Cosmetics Management (alumni):
Yeon Jung

Set Design
Fashion Arts Diploma (alumni):
Alyssa Gregus

Fashion Arts Diploma (alumni):
Vanessa Nielsen

Fashion Editorial Imagery within window: 
Mike Lewis

Window Display Photography: 
James Doiron

Creative Media Specialist 
Creative Photography Program (alumni):
Anthony Saleh

Elmer Olsen Model Management:

Faculty Support
Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Kim Rich

Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
David Carroll