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  • female image and mannequin with dress
  • female mannequins in pastel dresses
  • female mannequin in pastel dress
  • female mannequins in pastel dresses
  • fashion institute window of female mannequins
  • female mannequin in pastel dress

female mannequin in pastel dresses

female mannequins in pastel dresses

Sugar & Spice

This display titled "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice" honoured the fabulous frothy fashions of the 1950's. Pastel coloured A-line tulle dresses were layered under ultra feminine hostess aprons. Three of the dresses featured were circa 1955, while others were new creations based on the iconic designs from this era. A variety of hat boxes were utilized to create giant revolving cakes in the display resulting in an amazing focal point. Inexpensive baking utensils were strategically suspended throughout the vast space to create additional visual interest. Students included two, three foot whisks which were an exceptional highlight in this enormous space.

Students from Fashion Management, Fashion Arts and Business, Fashion Management and Promotions Post Graduate Certificate Program, Creative Photography and Cosmetics, worked collaboratively to complete the monumental task of creating the fashion imagery and executing the physical window installation process.

The Fashion Institute's high profile street front location serves as the perfect venue to showcase exceptional student work. Students are enabled to build their portfolios by participating in the unique "hands on" experience of building a display of this calibre and scale.

Visual Merchandiser
Alexandra Khan

Set Design
Stephanie Alde
Sarah Poonwala

Art Direction
Amanda Cross

Jennifer Aurich

Senior Stylist
Sebastian Blagdon

Samantha Jerjis
Deana Tran

Leyla Canales

Special Thanks

Barbara, Elmer Olsen

Faculty Support
Kim Rich and David Carroll, Fashion Arts and Business Diploma Program