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Faculty of Business selected "Fringe Benefits" as the winning window treatment for Winter 2012. Students and graduate students worked diligently to bring the window to life in all of its holiday glory.

Challenges faced included:

  • Maintaining an incredibly clean working environment in order to create a pristine visual presentation based on a white on white colour story. The solution, lay the floor (which was created with white seamless photography paper), "last". Lift each mannequin and roll the paper underneath each mannequin to cover the entire floor.
  • Incorporating enough texture into wardrobe elements and props to successfully create a primarily monochromatic window display. The solution, feather boas and dresses with ornate diamond jeweled embellishments to create contrast. Faux diamond jewellery and silver sequined head bands also created a subtle contrast between each dress and the white mannequins.
  • How to incorporate pops of red to compliment the lead mannequin's flapper inspired red fringed dress was also a challenge. The solution, red velvet lips for all the mannequins.
  • Shopping for vintage inspired white 20's flapper dresses while incorporating a modern twist to each "look" was also a challenge. Thrift shops such as Value Village are time consuming to shop but often produce a rare retro shoe or ornate broach from years gone by.

Photography Credits

Art Direction
Vanessa Mackinlay

Make-up Styling
Cherie Sikkema

Wardrobe Styling 
Mariam Gill

Professional Photography
Fashion imagery within display:
Paul Chmielowiec


Window Installation Credits

Shown working in window on website shot:
Andre Glashen
Bruce Lesic 

Lisa Luis

Currently in program:
Lesley Sweeney
Rachael Driedger