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This window was based on the famous blue and white delftware pottery, which typically depicted farm life in the Netherlands during the 16th century. Numerous fashion designers were inspired by these beautiful images which recently hit the runways in high style.

We printed these iconic images on giant foam core boards and die cut them out to look like actual plates. This provided students with hours of entertainment, carefully suspending sixty plates in a visually pleasing manner.

Mannequins showcased enormous floral heads and a plethora of blue and white heavily patterned merchandise. Students stayed true to their strict colour story which created a powerful Spring 2017 window display presentation.

Network Night Winning Team Concept Development

Jillian Grafe
Veronica Melo
Sabrina Rosca
Brittany Schinker
Michelle Cabral
Melissa Iampietro

Window Installation Team

Fashion Management Degree Program:
Sebastian Blagdon

Fashion Arts Diploma Program:
Jenny Nguyen
Arianna Popat
Arianna Gajadhar
Brianna Moody
Jaden Batson
Shi Ting (Ciara)
Evan Green

Interior Design Diploma Program:
Dennis Ziadie

Fashion Management Post Graduate Certificate Program:
Trinette D'Souza
Unmesha Nair

Fashion Photographer
Mike Lewis

Laura and Caylen, Elmer Olsen Model Management

Window Display Photographer
James Doiron

Art Direction
Jillian Grafe

Makeup Styling
Matt Barnes

Hair Styling
Sebastian Blagdon

Wardrobe Styling
Kristeen Marshall