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International Development

Business Professor Presents Project at CBIE 2022 Conference

Wed, November 30, 2022

Digital Business Management Program Coordinator Hanadi Alnawab and International Development Project Lead Clarisse Estebar presented Humber's EDC Kenya project at the CBIE 2022 Conference.

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Alumni Share Success Stories Working With Operation Smile

Thu, November 24, 2022

During lockdown, Humber International Development Postgrad students, Kaitlin Waters and Mary Periera were not sure about what the future held.

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International Development and Entrepreneurship Collaborate for Climate Change!

Thu, November 24, 2022

The students joined together to welcome gender-focused climate change entrepreneurs from Africa and South Asia.

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International Development Student Supports Costa Rican Communities During International Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Experience

Fri, October 28, 2022

During the third year of her program, Cortez received an email from her placement advisor about a work-integrated learning (WIL) experience in Costa Rica.

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International Development Postgraduate Students Working to Assist those in Ukraine

Thu, April 28, 2022

Alana Marchese ’20 and Kristen Pelletier ’20 are on the ground in Romania on the border with Ukraine working hard to distribute much-needed emergency items to those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

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Faculty Member in the International Development Postgraduate Program Leads World Vision Response to Ukraine Crisis

Thu, April 28, 2022

In addition to working with World Vision in humanitarian response, Mike Weickert has taught in Humber's program for International Development for over 20 years now.

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International Development Success Stories

International Development Students Take First Place in Map the System Competition

Thu, April 22, 2021

Bachelor of International Development (ID) degree students placed in Humber's Map the System finals, a competition challenging students to think deeply about social and environmental change.

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International Development Alumna Bridges the Gap Between her Passion and Career

Wed, January 27, 2021

From a young age, Clarisse Estebar has always felt strongly about environmental and social issues and spent time volunteering to help her community.

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Longo Faculty of Business Double Grad Excels in Industry

Business At Its Best

Wed, January 27, 2021

Jade Moore is a double graduate, combining her undergraduate in International Development with a graduate certificate in Fundraising Management.

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International Business Student Joins Afro Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Tue, December 01, 2020

International Business student, Lionel Campbell, has joined the Afro Canadian Chamber of Commerce as Secretary of Marketing & Administration.

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International Development Alumna Featured on Breakfast Television

Mon, November 30, 2020

ID postgrad alumna, Alanna Marchese, was featured on Breakfast Television to speak about Global Medic’s most current initiatives.

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Fundraising Management Faculty and Alumnus Share Digital Fundraising Insights

Wed, November 25, 2020

Alumnus Brock Warner shares his journey and the road to becoming one of Toronto's most well-known consultants in the charitable sector to ID students.

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Humber Staff and International Business Alumna Gets Promoted

Mon, November 02, 2020

Nafeeza Kadir, a graduate of the inaugural 2012 class of International Business and a Humber staff member, was recently promoted.

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International Business Student Hosts Webinar

Mon, November 02, 2020

International Business student, Lionel Campbell, served as host and emcee for a webinar entitled ‘Digital Analytics: Measuring Social Media ROI.’

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International Business Professor Co-directs Thesis Project

Tue, September 29, 2020

International Business Program Coordinator, Pierre-Pascal Gendron served as co-director of the Master's thesis project by Carlos Manuel Milanés Pérez.

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International Business Professor Presents Research Paper

Tue, September 29, 2020

Program Coordinator Pierre-Pascal Gendron presented his paper at the webinar 'What can we learn from international experience with VAT/GST?’

International Development Students and Alumnae Tackle Food Insecurity

Business At Its Best

Mon, August 17, 2020

A group of young women from the International Development program are running GlobalMedic’s domestic food security initiative out of Humber.

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GARDENS Pod Project Provides Work-Integrated Learning Opportunities

Thu, June 04, 2020

Six students from the International Development degree and postgraduate programs are participating in WIL opportunities through the Pod Project.

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International Development Students Win Map the System Competition

Wed, April 29, 2020

International Development students took first, second and fourth place in the Humber finals at the Map the System competition this year.

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International Business Students Attend the Empire Club of Canada

Business At Its Best

Tue, February 25, 2020

Professor Pierre-Pascal Gendron took a group of Bachelor of Commerce – International Business program students to an event at the Empire Club.

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Business Professor Visits The Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila in Mexico

Mon, December 30, 2019

International Business Professor, Pierre-Pascal Gendron, visited the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, in Mexico to attend workshops and teach.

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IDI Hosts Two Successful Events for International Education Week

Fri, November 29, 2019

The International Development Institute, with help from a committee of students, hosted two events for International Education Week.

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International Development Student Completes Placement in Madagascar

Business At Its Best

Mon, November 18, 2019

Melissa Hornby secured an 18-month contract working for an NGO in Madagascar shortly after completing the International Development program in June.

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Faculty Member Named the President of CCCUPIDS

Tue, September 24, 2019

John Lewis, Program Coordinator of Humber’s Bachelor Degree in International Development, has been named the President of CCCUPIDS.

CCCUPIDS (The Canadian Consortium for College and University Programs in International Development Studies) is a professional association of directors and coordinators of International Development Studies programs in Canadian colleges and universities, working to strengthen programs across the country, coordinate intellectual exchanges and share teaching and learning resources between schools.

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The International Development Graduate Certificate Program Co-Hosts PSEA Conference

Tue, March 05, 2019

A one-day conference on Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in the International Development industry was held at the Lakeshore Campus.

The conference and workshop was a part of International Development Week at Humber and was co-sponsored by the International Development Graduate Certificate Program and the Ontario Council for International Cooperation

This event hosted a panel including members of the NGO community, Humber academics, UN representatives and Global Affairs Canada speaking to an audience of largely high-level industry executives and Humber graduate certificate and degree students.

The afternoon workshop allowed Humber students to engage with industry professionals on a series of case studies highlighting the complexities of this sensitive issue in an international setting.

This event highlighted Humber’s mission of developing global citizens and fostered collaboration across Humber schools and departments.

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International Development Degree Alumnus Secures Job Post-Graduation

Wed, February 06, 2019

Ryan Geleynse, an International Development Degree grad, began working with EduDeo Ministries as the Eastern Canada Key Relationship Manager.


Upon graduation from the International Development Degree at Humber, Ryan Geleynse began working with EduDeo Ministries as the Eastern Canada Key Relationship Manager. EduDeo is an organization that works to advance and support Christian education around the world. Ryan’s job is to build relationships with EduDeo’s donors, whether households, schools, churches or foundations, and to find alignment between their passions and the organization’s projects.

Ryan secured a placement during his degree with World Renew, an organization linked to the Christian Reformed Church. His placement in the Global Volunteer Department became a source of income and employment as he completed his degree. World Renew places hundreds of volunteers in roles around the world every year to respond to disasters, work in community development or to service communities. Ryan loved that the organization’s volunteers would range from students to retirees.

Ryan says, “I’m so thankful for education I received at Humber. My degree provided a critical lens for engaging some of the challenges within the sector. I can approach our donors with confidence, knowing I’m there to advocate on behalf of our partners, providing necessary nuance to conversations that may head off the rails, otherwise. However, I miss the readings, the papers around topics I found provoking, and classroom discussions we had at Humber.”

Ryan married during his time at Humber College. His wife works in the international development field, too; however, her career has been suspended as she gave birth to their first child in July, Oliver, a baby boy. Congratulations!

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Parul University Students Participate in Leadership Beyond Boundaries Program

Mon, September 24, 2018

Students from Parul University, Humber’s academic partner in India, participated in a 2-week Leadership Beyond Boundaries program at Humber in August.

The students were introduced to systems and design thinking for social innovation. After selecting a complex social problem found in their home community they would like to explore more, the students used systems thinking as a tool to identify the relevant stakeholders and gain a better understanding of the system’s behaviour. Mapping the system allowed students to zoom out, learn how all the different parts of the system are interrelated and identify possible intervention points. Using a human-centred design approach, students then framed the problem and zoomed in on one solution that they could implement in their home community while being full-time students. By the end of the program, the Parul University students pitched a social enterprise as a solution to the problem. Both student groups revealed they hope to submit a proposal for start-up funding at Parul University in the following semester as they believe their solution is feasible and sustainable.

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International Business and Marketing Degree Job Market Panel

Wed, April 11, 2018

A Job Market Panel was hosted by the International Business and Marketing degree programs, in collaboration with The Business School Placement Centre.

The event was well attended by students from the International Business, Marketing and Digital Business Management Degree programs, as well as faculty and staff from various departments around Humber College. The Job Market Panel of six individuals was represented by industry professionals, Program Advisory Committee members, and Humber alumni from the International Business and Marketing Degree programs.

Kicking-off with a brief introduction by members of the panel, the topics of conversation included career development, industry trends, and value creation. The students then posed industry and job-specific questions to members of the panel. Their responses were insightful and well received by the engaged and curious students. The event concluded by breaking out into a networking opportunity for the attending students.

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International Development Post-grad Coordinator Selected to be on CCIC’s Steering Committee

Wed, April 11, 2018

Susan MacGregor, a professor/coordinator for the International Development graduate program, was selected to join a Canada-wide steering committee.

Run by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, this committee will develop policy recommendations around the prevention and management of sexual misconduct in the International Development and Humanitarian aid sections.

Susan will be on the committee with 12 other International Development professionals from organizations including World Vision, Save the Children, the Canadian Red Cross and more. Susan is the only person from an academic institution on the steering committee. 

Congratulations, Susan on this wonderful achievement!

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International Development Students Participate in a Research Roundtable

Mon, April 09, 2018

Ten students from the Bachelor of International Development program participated in a Research Roundtable on March 22, 2018. 

The Roundtable focused on gender inequities in entrepreneurship in Indonesia. Working with Kent Schroeder, the Principal Investigator for an ARI funded research project on the topic, the students collaboratively developed a draft research framework for the study. The draft framework will be taken to Indonesia in May where faculty and students from six universities will finalize it for the Indonesian cultural context and assist with data collection and analysis. Ultimately, the research results will be used by the Indonesian universities to revise their applied entrepreneurship curriculum to better address the needs of women-owned micro-enterprises.

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International Development Degree Grad Secures Position at EQWIP HUBs

Sun, April 01, 2018

Robin Sagi, an International Development grad, is currently the Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E) Officer for EQWIP HUBs Indonesia.

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Humber International Development Grad Making a Difference in Mongolia

Wed, February 28, 2018

Ken Umali, a recent graduate of Humber's Bachelor of International Development program, is currently working in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Ken is working as a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor for Uniterra. The M&E role involves tracking the progress of Uniterra programs, ensuring that the organization is meeting its goals and objectives on time, which are skills he learned during his time at Humber.

With Uniterra - a program jointly managed by 2 Canadian international development organizations, CECI and WUSC - Ken's responsibilities include co-designing, administering, and supervising data collection activities from project partners in Mongolia. This data is used to draft reports and monitor achievements to help the program meet its overall objectives of changing people's attitudes toward the real needs of the country and to reduce poverty.

"My time at Humber was amazing!" said Ken. "I feel that the ID program has given me a clearer understanding of the development industry & practice, along with a better understanding of my own vision for my future. The program faculty come with a wealth of experience, and have equipped me with practical skills that prove to be useful in the field."

Ken's overseas placement for his Bachelor's Degree was with the Emmanuel Development Association (EDA), a grassroots development organization based in Ethiopia. He worked as EDA's Program Support Officer in the organization's regional office just a few hours from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. With EDA, Ken tested his new skills during the implementation of USAID and Government of Canada-funded poverty reduction projects.

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Business School Grad Meets Dr. Jane Goodall

Thu, February 01, 2018

Sabrina Rubli, a 2013 International Development alumna and Co-Founder and Executive Director of Femme International, met with Dr. Jane Goodall.


Femme International is an organization dedicated to promoting and teaching menstrual health and hygiene to girls across the globe in order to unleash a generation of strong, confident and healthy women. This February, Femme International hosted its stakeholder meeting for menstrual health actors in Tanzania where Jane Goodall was Femme’s guest of honour. Congratulations to Sabrina and the Femme International team on all of their important work. Make sure to follow Femme International and Sabrina on Twitter for all upcoming Femme International news.

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Humber Lakeshore is a Fair Trade Campus: A First for Ontario

Thu, January 18, 2018

Early in January, students, staff and guests gathered to celebrate the designation of Humber College Lakeshore Campus as a Fair Trade Campus.

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International Development Students Aid Canadian Forces in their Refugee Crisis Training

Tue, December 19, 2017

For two weekends, students from the International Development postgraduate program lived on Trenton Base, assisting with a large readiness exercise.


This exercise - which lasted 6 days - involved ID students and Canadian Forces members role-playing a refugee crisis scenario. Humber students played a variety of roles during the 6-day educational exercise such as international aid workers, UN employees, refugees and general civil society, while the military members played themselves.

The students were asked to participate in the exercise by Lt. Col. Allan Best, an alumnus of Humber’s International Development Management Certificate program as well as a frequent guest speaker at Humber. In the evening, Lt. Col. Best and the military members received feedback about the day's events from ID students, which everyone present found very rich and informative. Initially, the military was only looking for bodies to play roles; however, after this experience, they are keen to formalize the partnership such that this happens once a year.

The Humber ID students were able to learn valuable skills through this unique opportunity, such as problem-solving, thinking under pressure and teamwork. They were able to see first-hand how international military actors respond to humanitarian situations, as well as their limitations in those scenarios.

Thank you to Lt. Col. Allan Best and the Canadian Forces for inviting our students to take part in this wonderful exercise, and to our International Development students for being dedicated and professional participants.

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Faculty Member Travels to Bhutan to Give Lecture on his New Book

Tue, November 28, 2017

Kent Schroeder, the Director of International Development Projects, recently travelled to the Himalayan country of Bhutan. 

He was invited to speak about his new book to an audience of government officials, business leaders and civil society representatives.

The book, entitled Politics of Gross National Happiness: Governance and Development in Bhutan, has its origins in two international development projects implemented by the Business School.

It explores the political dynamics surrounding the implementation of Bhutan’s unique alternative economic development paradigm and focuses on the larger practical and theoretical implications for alternative economic development beyond Bhutan’s borders. The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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International Business Grad Places in Top Ten in the Peter Drucker Challenge Essay

Tue, October 03, 2017

Shivanie Mangal, an International Business graduate, was recently selected as one of the winners of the Global Peter Drucker Challenge Essay 2017.

The Challenge is an annual competition where students and young professionals from around the world write and submit a personal narrative essay based around the management philosophy of Peter Drucker.

This year’s entrants were asked to write a narrative-based essay on the theme of human prosperity in a changing world. Shivanie placed in 6th place out of ten in the Manager/Entrepreneur Category. Her essay discusses the power of human potential and people's drive to live a happy, successful and meaningful life despite the societal and economic factors preventing many people across the globe from doing so.

As a winner, Shivanie will have the privilege of travelling to Vienna, the birthplace of Peter Drucker, to participate in the 9th Global Peter Drucker Forum on November 16-17, 2017. She will be able to attend the Drucker Challenge Get-Together and Speakers' reception at City Hall, the Gala event/Awards ceremony and a guided tour at Schönbrunn Palace. She will also receive a certificate of achievement and a one-year-all-access subscription to the Harvard Business Review.

Congratulations, Shivanie, on winning this award and writing a fantastic, moving essay. 

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Professors Teach Entrepreneurship to Instructors in Ethiopia

Thu, September 21, 2017

Peter Sirois and Jim Skinner of the Business School recently returned from an assignment in Ethiopia where the year is 2010.

Not only do Ethiopians have a different calendar from ours, (theirs has thirteen months) but the clock is different as well. In Ethiopia, 1:00 AM is what we’d call 7:00 AM, because their clock cycle starts at our 6:00 AM (which is around dawn) and goes to 6:00 PM (dusk) which is 12:00 for them. Confusing? “Not really,” says Skinner “because the Ethiopians are very accommodating to our customs and generally translate the time into one that makes sense for us.”

He and Sirois were delivering training workshops on “the teaching of entrepreneurship” for instructors in the Ethiopian college system. In an attempt to modernize the economy, the Ethiopian government wants all college graduates to be trained in starting up their own businesses. However, this is a huge challenge for the many instructors charged with this task, since they have little entrepreneurial training or experience themselves. As well, instructional materials are in short supply and many of the rural areas still lack reliable broad band service. But Sirois points out that “what they lack in resources, they more than make up for with enthusiasm and hard work.”

The Business School at Humber was a natural choice for this project since it has a long history of preparing colleges in developing countries to deliver entrepreneurship training. Humber has successfully conducted many of these programs in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. So, was Ethiopia different? “Yes and No,” Sirois and Skinner agree.

Instructors in Ethiopia are accustomed to using lecture-based teaching methods, often with instructors writing notes on the board and students copying. In the rural areas of Ethiopia, which, for the most part, contain a large portion of the population, teachers have limited I.T resources at their disposal. Sirois and Skinner’s challenge was to use the martials they had at their disposal, as well as using more interactive teaching techniques to engage the students.

In this regard, the two professors feel they were successful. They taught multi-layered workshops that combined lectures, lessons and discussions about teaching entrepreneurship with interactive instructional activities that engaged students. The enthusiasm of the students was very apparent, as they would frequently volunteer answers and comments and displayed great joy and humor during interactive activities.

Sirois and Skinner also discovered that returning to the year 2017 was an adventure in itself: "The environment is unique, partly because of the altitude,” says Skinner. “Addis Ababa is around 8,000 feet so you can get a direct flight in there from Toronto, but coming back, if the plane had enough fuel to get to Toronto, it would be too heavy to take off in the thin Addis air. So all flights home go through London or one of the European hubs, in order to refuel.”

On the other hand, Sirois points out, “The people of Ethiopia are pretty much the same as people everywhere else in the world.” Even if they are living in 2010.

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Business Professor Volunteers with GENET in Blantyre, Malawi

Tue, August 29, 2017

Ionela Bacain, an Accounting Professor and Program Coordinator, travelled to Blantyre, Malawi as a Leave for Change volunteer.

From July 23rd to August 11th, Ionela worked with the Girls Empowerment Network (GENET) in Blantyre as a Financial Management Advisor. According to their website, GENET Malawi is a "local young women’s rights organization and a grassroots movement of girls and young women that works to support and improve the well being of vulnerable and marginalized girls in Malawi."

While working in their Finance and Accounting Department, Ionela made suggestions and recommendations in regards to their financial policies, filing, reporting and their using QuickBooks software for accounting transactions. In addition to her financial assistance, Ionela helped to contribute to the larger issue of empowering women in this section of the globe.

"During my assignment, I was fortunate to interact with a great, hard-working team that was receptive to the recommendations and suggestions I made to the finance department," said Ionela of her experience with GENET. "I had a great opportunity to improve my collaboration and team working skills and experience a friendly working environment."

Leave for Change is a program that is a part of Uniterra and is managed by two non-profit organizations: World University Service Canada (WUSC) and Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI). Humber College is partnered with Leave for Change and sponsors full-time Humber employees to participate and volunteer their expertise around the globe.

We would like to welcome back Ionela from her mandate and thank her for volunteering her time and expertise to this amazing cause.

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International Student Continues Legal Studies at Utrecht University

Tue, August 29, 2017

Satu Flynn, an international student from Finland, has been accepted into the Master of Law Programme in European Law at Utrecht University

In 2016, Satu completed three years of The Business School's Bachelor of Paralegal Studies program, and the law modules she completed at Humber College were sufficient to qualify her for admission to graduate studies at Utrecht University. Her only other prerequisite for admission was the successful completion of a course on EU Law. Furthermore, Shirley Wales, a professor in the Paralegal Studies degree program, and Bernie Aron, the Program Coordinator of the Paralegal Studies degree program provided strong academic references for Ms. Flynn who was an outstanding student in the degree program.

We're thrilled to see that Satu Flynn will continue to pursue her legal education at the graduate level at this prestigious institution. Congratulations and best of luck with your studies!

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Business School Faculty Travel to European Partner Institutions

Fri, August 18, 2017

Four Business School faculty members participated in faculty exchanges between March and May, 2017. 

Lynn McAuliffe, Melanie Shulman, Maria Racanelli and Mike Dover each had the exciting opportunity to spend upwards of a week at partner institutions in Denmark, The Netherlands and Austria.

During their stay at these institutions, the faculty members had the privilege of giving lectures and conducting workshops on their respective areas of expertise to international students and faculty.

Each institution hosted an International Week for its exchange partner faculty members. During the week's events, faculty from multiple countries networked, learned from one another and participated in lectures and workshops. Mike Dover participated in Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences’ first-ever International Week. Lillebaelt hosted a LEGO Serious Play Workshop for its visiting faculty.

The Business School values these international experiences for faculty as a way to further internationalize its curriculum. Participating faculty members get the unique opportunity to learn from international colleagues, share best practices, bring new ideas into their classroom and explore new ways to deepen academic partnerships.

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All Work and No Play? The Ningbo Students From China Have Arrived at Humber

Wed, August 16, 2017

Students from the Humber-Ningbo partnership program had a busy August after arriving in Toronto on July 31st. 

Participation in the five-week Orientation Program had students strengthening both their English-language and academic skills. The students had two deliverables at the end of the five-week program:

  1. A written report preceded by a mind-mapping exercise and the development of an outline using their research findings, and 
  2. A collaborative micro-workshop where student groups developed and facilitated a presentation and interactive activity for their peers.

The August Orientation Program provided the platform needed to introduce students to the academic skills that are critical to their success at Humber. But the August Orientation was not only hard work, the students also played hard.

If you were downtown Toronto on Saturday, August 12, you may have witnessed groups of Ningbo students running around the city completing their Urban Challenge. Students were given clues to find five different stations where they had to successfully complete a puzzling task before getting their next clue. An alumnus of the Humber-Ningbo program returned to develop the most difficult Urban Adventure yet.

Welcome to our Ningbo students. We wish you the best of success during your stay at Humber! 

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Developing Empathetic Youth Leaders in the Leadership Beyond Boundaries Summer Program

Wed, August 16, 2017

The Business School welcomed students from our academic partners, Parul University in India and IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria.


The came for a two-week Leadership Beyond Boundaries program

Students participated in three modules: Global Leadership, Cross-Cultural Communications and Social Entrepreneurship. The theme that guided the curriculum was People, Planet and Profit. This short summer program was an introduction to youth leadership for positive social change. Students were asked to identify a social problem in their home country and then learned how to use templates in ideation to solve a problem. Students were also introduced to Lean Canvass—a model that students can use to begin developing their idea for a social enterprise.

At the end of the program, the student participants had two more creative problem-solving tools to add to their toolbox of essential skills. Moreover, the program resonated with the students. Students agreed that the Leadership Beyond Boundaries program helped them to better identify social problems and how they can make a difference.

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Ningbo Faculty And Staff Learn Design Thinking Methodology And Project-Based Learning

Wed, August 16, 2017

The faculty and staff of the Humber-Ningbo program participated in a professional development session.

At this session, they learned about the Design Thinking Methodology and Project-Based Learning as a way to better engage students. The session introduced a framework for creative, project-based learning that will be implemented in the Ningbo classrooms to foster the development of creative problem-solving skills and an entrepreneurial mindset among students. The faculty and staff were enthusiastic and committed participants. They are excited to implement something new to better engage the students.

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Humber Business Faculty Member Volunteers at Mongolian University

Mon, August 14, 2017

Sanjukta Das, a Business Placement Advisor at the Humber School of Business, could have spent her annual vacation relaxing at the beach.

But, instead, she decided to convert her three weeks of relaxation into an exciting, meaningful and life-changing experience.

Working with the Leave for Change program, Sanjukta travelled to Mongolia and volunteered at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) as a Youth Employability Skills Training Advisor.

Leave for Change is a program that is a part of Uniterra and is managed by two non-profit organizations: World University Service Canada (WUSC) and Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI). Humber College is partnered with Leave for Change and sponsors full-time Humber employees to participate and volunteer their expertise around the globe.

During her tenure at MUST, Sanjukta conducted nine workshops with final semester students. She taught them marketing, interviewing and networking skills, as well as how to transition from university to the job market.

Along with meeting an amazing cohort of eager, bright students, Sanjukta met with twenty Mongolian recruiters from the government and private sectors. She shared with the group her knowledge of hiring best practices and techniques in Canada.

By far, the highlight of Sanjukta's stay in Mongolia was the MUST Networking Breakfast Event. The event saw HR heads from twelve different organizations, including several banks, come to the MUST campus to meet graduating students. Sanjukta was able to see her hard work and instruction pay off, as students mingled and introduced themselves to business professionals. In fact, eight students gained employment out of the conversations they had at the event.

Overall, the event felt like deja vu to Sanjukta, as it was very similar to networking events held at the Business School.

"Leave for Change has re-energized and reinvigorated my role as a Business Placement Advisor on a deeper level," said Sanjukta about her volunteer experience. "I myself am surprised how totally immersed I was into a new country and culture, and how much I learned from the experience of others and also about myself."

Congratulations to Sanjukta on this amazing work, and thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge to such a vital, worthy cause.

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International Development Student Meets Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Mon, July 31, 2017

International Development student, Nathaniel Taylor, had the opportunity of meeting and speaking with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Currently, Nathaniel is completing his work placement at the Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence nonprofit organization located in the Quebec village, Metis-sur-Mer. There, Nathanial is helping to serve the English speaking community in the area by mobilizing people and resources, and by promoting interests like improving their health services.

When he heard that the Prime Minister was making an appearance and speaking at a public event nearby, he immediately decided to attend after work.

At the event, Nathaniel had the unique opportunity to ask the Prime Minister if he had any advice for young Canadian professionals working in the international development field. Nathaniel also told the Prime Minister about his upcoming role as an Environmental Sustainability Officer with a Canadian organization called EQWIP HUBs working in Senegal.

His response was for Canadians in this field to work for smaller organizations who are working to improve the lives of women and girls. This is how we will achieve the greatest change in developing communities.

“This was a special moment for me,” said Nathanial about the Prime Minister’s response. “It has inspired me to do my best and effective work when I am in Senegal with EQWIP HUBS.”

Congratulations to Nathaniel on his success and best of luck with your work in Senegal.

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