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Fast-track your career with a Business Diploma

Humber Certificates and Diplomas prepare you for a career in your chosen field with a combination of theoretical and work-integrated learning. Choose from more than 100 programs with industry-focused curriculums and opportunities to work on real-world challenges, ensuring graduates are career-ready. Our programs also provide the foundation for students to pursue further education at Humber or another post-secondary institution.

Diplomas are skills-based, giving you the knowledge and experience you need to launch your career or a foundation to further your education.

Advantages of a Diploma

Diplomas can be completed in a shorter period of time, usually four semesters

  • They are a cost-effective way to bite-size your educational journey
  • Entry into diploma programs can be less stressful
  • Curriculum is focused on the specific skills you will need
  • You gain practical experience and learn by doing, giving you an advantage in the job market
  • Diplomas offer pathways into degree programs when you are ready, which means you’ll be able to complete a degree in less time


Program Name Code Credential Length Campus
Accounting, Business 02211 Diploma 4 semesters North
Baking and Pastry Arts Management 14161 Diploma 4 semesters North
Business Management 02251 Diploma 4 semesters North, Lakeshore, Online
Cosmetic Management 21781 Diploma 4 semesters North
Culinary Management 01911 Diploma 4 semesters North
Esthetician/Spa Management 20871 Diploma 4 semesters North
Fashion Arts and Business FA211 Diploma 4 semesters North
Financial Services, Business Management FI211 Diploma 4 semesters Lakeshore
Hospitality - Event Management EV211 Diploma 4 semesters North
Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management HH211 Diploma 4 semesters North
Law Clerk 02031 Diploma 4 semesters North
Marketing, Business 02411 Diploma 4 semesters North
Paralegal Education 21501 Diploma 4 semesters North
Recreation and Leisure Services 10301 Diploma 4 semesters North
Tourism - Travel Services Management TT211 Diploma 4 semesters North

Explore Humber Business Advanced Diplomas

Advanced diploma programs offer all of the advantages of certificates and diplomas, but with more time to undertake in-depth learning. Typically running six semesters, they usually incorporate a work placement component, offering relevant industry experience before graduation. If you want more confidence or experience for your career, or to keep your pathway options open to a degree program, an advanced diploma may be the perfect choice for you.

Advanced Diplomas

Program Name Code Credential Length Campus
Accounting, Business Administration 02111 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Business Administration 02511 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Golf Management (Professional) – Business Administration 20231 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Sport Management 14181 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North

Choose a Diploma With the Option to Supersize

Get Two Credentials on Your Resume through Diplomas with Degree Pathways

Benefit from Humber pathways that give diploma graduates advanced standing into degree programs giving you two credentials on your resume. Advanced standing means that you’ll be able to complete a degree in less time, once you have your diploma. Browse the list of diploma programs with pathways to degrees to review your options and to see how many semesters would be required for degree completion.