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Bachelor of International Development

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Program Code: 22251
Credential: Honours Degree
Program Length: 8 semesters
Start Dates: N/A

Program Overview

Humber’s Bachelor of International Development degree program is an interdisciplinary program that provides you with a solid theoretical foundation in sustainable international development studies and its related disciplines, as well as professional and technical skills in development management. The program is designed specifically to bridge the gap between theory and practice by building hands-on project management skills and capabilities. The program fosters a comparative understanding of developed and developing countries - countries of the global North and South - through directed study, analytical research and opportunities to travel that provide cross-cultural learning experiences.

Your core courses, in which you’ll develop professional competencies, include four streams: international development studies, supplementary disciplines, management skills and research skills.

Courses Learning Outcomes

No courses available


Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate will:

  1. Describe and critically evaluate the values, key theoretical approaches and concepts in international development.

  2. Demonstrate critical thinking in relation to international development policy and practice.

  3. Analyze international development through a variety of disciplinary lenses.

  4. Examine the roles and responsibilities of various actors within the field of international development.

  5. Design, plan, implement and evaluate international development projects using a variety of methodologies.

  6. Examine and apply various qualitative and quantitative research methods and assess the appropriateness of their use.

  7. Implement effective management of key financial, information and other resources associated with international development projects.

  8. Exercise initiative, personal responsibility and accountability in personal, professional and group contexts related to international development.

  9. Analyze cross-cutting themes of gender and environmental sustainability and their effects on international development projects.

  10. Communicate and work effectively in diverse environments.

  11. Critically analyze the practical and ethical implications of doing international development work across borders and cultures.

  12. Critically examine political, social and economic behaviours of various societies and their impact on sustainable international development.


Work Placement

The 14-week/420-hour work placement is from May to August following Semester 6. A placement advisor will support your efforts to find a position that fits your academic and career goals. Your placement will give you the opportunity to explore the field of international development, as well as gain the hands-on, real-world experience that employers value.  We will work with employers and our partners to help you identify the best opportunities to pursue.

The International Development Institute

Humber is home to the International Development Institute (IDI), an institute with over 30 years of international development experience that brings new ideas from the field to the classroom. Projects that Humber graduates have been involved in have focused on building the capacity of Southern partner institutions in a range of sectors, including entrepreneurship, small enterprise development, microfinance, public management, applied technology and vocational education.

Initiatives and Events

IDI initiatives also include events such as the IDI Symposium held at Lakeshore Campus involving faculty, students and many key representatives from the NGO industry. Students participate in breakout sessions alongside NGOs to discuss current international development issues. International Development Week is another enriching experience held annually at Humber and organized by students. This week long event includes industry guest speakers, a marketplace developed with industry partners as well as interactive workshops and events.

Career Paths of International Development Graduates in Canada

What path will your career take after graduating with a degree in International Development Studies?

Follow the link to view the results of a recent study of more than 20 International Development Studies programs in Canada, including Humber’s, and see what recent graduates are up to. Be sure to watch the video, too!

Over the 8 semesters of the program you will gain a solid foundation in development theory and build the management skills required to identify, design and implement international development projects anywhere in the world. Upon graduation you will be able to step out of the classroom and into the field in a way that contributes to positive change in the global south. Humber has chosen faculty for this program based on their expertise and experience managing international development projects under real-world conditions. Many faculty members continue to work with various international non-governmental organizations.

Fair trade Toronto Video


Three students in the Bachelor of International Development degree program are among seven Ontarian youth who received the Global Changemaker Award. Sarah Judd, Lainey Oleka and Robin Sagi received the award from the Ontario Council for International Cooperation for their work spearheading the Fair Trade Campus initiative at Humber College, increasing public awareness in ethical purchasing, and moving the campus closer to being designated fair trade.

International Development Week 2016 Video Showcase

3 people standing at podium


IDW NGO Marketplace Video


buckets of dirty water


trivia showdown - 2 students playing game


hands under running tap water


Expert Faculty


You’ll learn from professors who hold a variety of relevant graduate degrees and have professional and practical experience in the field of international development. Most work in the field, either directly within developing countries or through international development organizations here in Canada. Placements offer professional experience where you will employ and further develop relevant competencies. 

View Credentials

Abena Kai Thomas

MPH (Public Health) – University of Alberta
BSc (Health Sciences and Biochemistry) – McMaster University

Alana Mascoll

MBA – Centenary College, USA
Graduate Certificate (International Project Management) – Humber College
BA (Gender Studies and Political Science) – University of Toronto

Aqeela Tabassum

PhD (Economics) - York University
MA (Economics) - York University
MSc (Economics) - International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Elinor Bray-Collins

PhD (Political Science) – University of Toronto
MA (Adult Education) – University of Toronto
BA (International Development Studies) – University of Toronto

Ewa Kowalski

PhD (Comparative, International and Development Education) – University of Toronto
MA (Comparative, International and Development Education) – University of Toronto
MA (English Philology) – University of Wroclaw, Poland

John Lewis

PhD (Theory and Policy Studies) – University of Toronto
MA (Theory and Policy Studies) – University of Toronto
BA (Political Science and History) – University of Toronto
Professor and Program Coordinator

Nidhi Tandon

MSc (Agrarian Economics) – University of Sussex, UK
BA (Economics) – University of Sussex, UK



Your Career

International project manager, international logistics manager, international program co-ordinator, rural or northern community development officer, international program development officer, gender specialist, grant writer, researcher – these are all careers you can pursue as a graduate of our program. The program gives you the necessary skills and tools to work in a wide variety of international organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank or Asian Development Bank; non-governmental organizations like World Vision, Eqwip Hubs, WUSC, Save the Children Canada and Right to Play; government agencies such as Global Affairs Canada; entrepreneurship or economic development agencies; and businesses that focus on international development and management such as Agriteam Canada.

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The Humber Centres of Innovation Network demonstrates our strong commitment to providing an experiential learning environment for students. Students and faculty work with industry partners on real-world challenges to prepare them to become the innovative and strategic problem-solvers of tomorrow. Come to Humber and experience interdisciplinary learning across five COIs.

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