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The role of the Faculty of Business at Humber is to help students become more than they ever imagined. Through our role as educators we're privileged to teach, and sometimes we come across those students who are so remarkable that they change the very way we think.

Degree Programs

Our degree programs combine classic training with practical hands-on experience that helps give students an actual opportunity to explore different paths into the business world. We help students develop skills they'll need to market themselves and succeed in a wide variety of fields, introducing them to fundamental business disciplines.

Specialized degrees have a common two-year business platform that gives students the time to decide on a focus, and then select the two years of specialization that will serve as a template for their careers. In their final two years, students work towards their chosen specialization. The Fashion Management degree program is part of the common platform offering.

Diploma Programs

Given that the fashion, cosmetics and spa industries reach into every corner of the world and influence almost every industry, students will gain a competitive career advantage by being able to function in several business modes. Unlike many other programs, Humber’s diploma programs specialize in the business side of these industries, not design, beauty or techniques. Students become savvy in every aspect of the business side, including; marketing, event production, sales, management and even the entrepreneurial skills required for starting up a business. Check out our Esthetician/Spa Management, Cosmetic Management and Fashion Arts and Business diploma program.

Postgraduate Programs

The main focus of the Fashion Management Ontario graduate certificate program is on new product development, multi-channel methods of selling, promoting, merchandising and colour theory skills, and trend forecasting, in addition to developing an understanding of the concept of branding. Students graduate prepared to work in the dynamic fashion industry.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education courses help people realize their dreams of career change or career enhancement in a very practical way. The Faculty of Business offers the convenience of easy-to-reach locations and courses that fit your schedule. Check out our part-time offering.