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Registration for PPAC 1, PPAC 2 and PPAC 3 starting September 2023 is now open!

Corporate Course Offerings

Our calendar for 2024 bookings is now open!

If your organization has a minimum of 15 employees who would like to participate in a PPAC course, we can bring PPAC to your organization! Please contact Amber Bechard at for more information.


Whether you are an HR professional, plan administrator, or member of a pension committee, you require a sound working knowledge of registered pension plans, including the ability to interpret, and accurately complete, federal and provincial regulatory reporting documentation. You must have knowledge about emerging trends in pension design and investment, government legislation, actuarial valuations and pension accounting. PPAC provides this essential background.

Note: In order to be eligible for the PPAC Certificate of completion, the PPAC program (all three PPAC courses) must be completed within five years from the start date of your first PPAC course.

The PPAC course content continually reflects industry changes and trends. The following describes subjects that may be addressed in each level.