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Never stop learning.

We understand the importance of flexibility in helping students pursue their academic goals. We provide classes during times that are convenient for people juggling work and life responsibilities. Online and distance learning are convenient options for studying from your local coffee shop or your living room.

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Online learning

An online learning course is one you take without physically meeting a teacher in a classroom on campus. Online courses may be semester-based with specific start and end dates or may have a timeline based on the date of your enrolment.

In-Class learning

In-Class Business School continuing education courses are offered at Humber's North Campus with a selection of courses now being offered at Lakeshore Campus.

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Unleash your ambition through CE Business.

We give you options to get the credentials you need to advance your career. Part-time courses help you advance your career, on your time, through the acquisition of additional skills. Your employer might even offer tuition reimbursement for your continuing education.

Get credit for your professional experience.

Get credit where credit is due through the PLAR process. Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) is designed for people who have acquired significant knowledge and skills outside formal college classrooms.