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TechWyse Team Inspires Humber Marketing Students at Digital Marketing Spotlight

To wrap up the fall semester, the Humber Marketing Program hosted team members from TechWyse Internet Marketing at its Digital Marketing Spotlight. Jon Dyer, SVP of Operations was accompanied by Tyler Shannon, Director of Marketing Services, Moe Kaloub, Director of Client Services and Grace Natarelli, Account Manager. All four spoke about the ins-and-outs of working in the Digital Marketing Industry, and offered insights into what makes a job-candidate appealing to hiring managers.

“You’re all hirable right now”

With these words, Jon set the tone for an inspiring and informative deep dive into future career opportunities for Humber Marketing students. He noted that the skills students learn from the Business Marketing program were “fantastic” as they included “the practical application of platforms” that TechWyse, itself, uses every day. He also gave us some insights into the kinds of employees TechWyse looks for and how we can present ourselves as ideal candidates in the marketing workforce. Apart from demonstrable skills, Jon noted that exhibiting drive, curiosity and a bit of “sparkle” can make a big impression. He added it’s important to be honest with yourself about your existing skill-set and how that must connect with the jobs you apply for as it indicates a level of self-understanding that is attractive to hiring managers.

“Unique and Competitive”

As Director of Marketing Services, Tyler walked us through what it takes to deliver an industry- leading service for every client on-time and within budget. The challenge, he noted, is staying “on top of your game” which goes for both agencies and job-seekers. Maintaining a can- do attitude is essential as is having the ability to be agile, pivot, adapt and go-to-market with innovative solutions for clients.

“Further and Beyond”

In his role as Director of Client Services, Moe addressed the need to “leverage the power of strategy to grow a client base and boost earning potential” because strategy “ladders up to results, which ladders up to ROI, which ladders up to a yes or no from the client”. Advertisers (and agencies) work with many different clients across a broad spectrum of industries, so understanding how each operates will give you an advantage. Doing the research, asking the right questions at the right time, and documenting everything, are the keys to delivering relevant and timely solutions.

“Wearing Many Hats”

Something students wanted to know about was the opportunity for internships, and the TechWyse Team opened the floor to questions in the form of a Fireside Chat. Grace, herself a former intern at TechWyse and now an Account Manager, made the point that “you definitely touch on every role in the agency when you first start; [and] sooner or later, your trajectory will move towards a certain department based on your skill set and passion.”

“Reach Out, Interact, Talk”

Following the formal presentations, students networked with members from the TechWyse Team and several alumni – now, all marketing professionals. Connections were made and business cards were exchanged. Overall, the Digital Marketing Spotlight allowed students to get a glimpse into the opportunities that a career in Digital Marketing might provide and, thanks to our special guests, we now have some inspiring insights on how we might make that happen.

Tyler Shannon, Moe Kaloub, Jon Dyer, and Grace Natarelli

(l-r) Tyler Shannon, Moe Kaloub, Jon Dyer, and Grace Natarelli