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Marketing Students Win First and Second Places in Safe Roads Competition

Two student teams from the Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing program at Humber won first and second place in the 2020 Safe Roads Competition, an annual analytics competition for local universities and colleges hosted by SAS Canada.

The competition used TPS and Geotab data overlays to map out fatal traffic accidents and provide the police with useful recommendations on how to reduce fatalities across the city.

First place winners included Adriana Arantes, Shenika Davis, Julia Ferraro, Victoria Groux, Brooke Heitshu, Jesly Okuefuna, Ernest Tulod. Sun Ho Do and James Weber placed in second. The first-place winners will be invited to present their work at Toronto Data Sciences Forum this year.

Humber students stood out against competitors, receiving acknowledgment from the Safe Roads competition sponsors in regards to their methodology, processing complex and large data sets, soundness of analysis, and actionable recommendations demonstrated in their works.

Marketing students at the 2020 Safe Roads Competition

Marketing students 2020 enjoying a meal at the Safe Roads Competition

Marketing students at the 2020 Safe Roads Competition

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