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Humber’s OCMC Team Receive Guidance from Visiting Industry Professional

Humber Business School’s team for the Ontario College Marketing Competition (OCMC) is entering its final weeks of preparation. The competition is a case-based event in which teams from various areas of marketing (strategic, international, retail, etc.) read a business case, analyze the challenges or opportunities the business faces, and create a fresh marketing plan to help the company expand and grow its revenues.

And it all has to be done in thirty minutes! But it doesn’t end there. Students then have to prepare a Power Point presentation including their recommendations and implementation plan and then present it to a panel of industry experts – in fifteen minutes or less! Needless to say, it’s 45 minutes of intense work. And in order to prepare, our OCMC Team has been studying and practicing since the first week of the Fall semester. Coached by professors from Humber Business School’s Marketing Program, we have also benefited from several guest speakers who have come to class to share their expertise in different areas of marketing. One of these special guests was Daniel Lewis who came this past Tuesday to help us brush up on our presentation skills.

A dynamic speaker and motivator, Daniel is also an entrepreneur, having founded “T by Daniel” – a successful tea company. He was the 2014 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner and the recipient of the 2016 Business Excellence Award for communication. Daniel shared with us his take on the power of making a presentation; namely, that the key part of any presentation is the present the speaker offers to the listener. He unpacked this idea for us so we could carry his tips into the competition.

And after walking us through this concept, Daniel then watched our teams present their practice cases and generously offered his support and advice on how we might make our presentations “pop” in front of the judges.

Armed with his sage advice, the Humber OCMC Team will be all set to compete at this year’s event in London, ON, in just a couple of weeks’ time.

Thank you, Daniel!

Daniel Lewis