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Fashion Students Showcase Their Creativity Using Japanese Paper

Six Fashion Management students at the Fashion Institute unveiled a collection of fashionwear, jewelry, and clothing, all crafted from Japanese paper. This innovative project, developed under the expert guidance of Professor Julie Savile and Program Co-ordinator Rossie Kadiyska, received support and collaboration from The Japanese Paper Place.

The students received a comprehensive workshop from the industry partner, delving into the rich heritage of the Japanese paper tradition that spans over a thousand years. With a focus on sustainability, the versatile nature of the paper allowed the students to seamlessly incorporate it into various fashion products. Throughout the term-long class project, they showcased exceptional skill and creativity in demonstrating the adaptability of this unique material.

The client, The Japanese Paper Place, expressed immense satisfaction upon witnessing the final creations at a small class exhibit held at the Fashion Institute. In a statement, they lauded the students' work, further shared through a post on their official Instagram page with "Remember when we had an amazing visit from @HumberFashionPostgrad for the Kamiko workshop? We couldn't resist visiting the Humber College Lakeshore Campus ourselves to check out the students' creations!"

For those captivated by the students' exceptional craftsmanship, visit the Fashion Institute at the Lakeshore campus to marvel at their impressive creations firsthand.

Thank you to the talented fashion students Jesse Ching, Yannis Wong, Mengzhou He, Hoi Ching Yim, Jasmine Kaur, and Yashi who dreamt big, embraced their creativity and pursued their ambitious visions.

Lastly, the success of this project would not have been possible without the support of the Community Partnership Fund. Their contribution helped make this project a reality!

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Necklace made of paper

Artwork by Mengzhou He

Vest made of paper

Artwork by Jesse

Outfit made of paper

Artwork by Yashi Timbadia

Clothing made of paper

Artwork by Jasmine Kaur (left) and Tsz Yan Wong (right)