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Students Engage with Microsoft Experts at Toronto Headquarters

By Hanadi Alnawab

Students from the Digital Business Management and Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing degree programs had the privilege of visiting Microsoft Canada's headquarters in downtown Toronto. Accompanied by their Program Co-ordinators Hanadi Alnawab and Emily Gaszynski, the group spent an afternoon on May 12th, engaging in a range of educational activities.

This opportunity was organized by Mustafa Al-Durra, a Healthcare Industry Architect at Microsoft and a member of the Digital Business Management program's Program Advisory Committee (PAC). The day was packed with valuable learning experiences and served as a source of inspiration for the students.

The visit commenced with an insightful presentation and live demonstration of ChatGPT by Bruno Capuano, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Bruno discussed prompt engineering and showcased how ChatGPT can be used to control a drone. The session was interactive, allowing for a question-and-answer segment and fostering a thought-provoking discussion on the future of AI in education and the industry. In addition, several resources were shared with the attendees, including materials on:

Following the presentation, the students were given a tour of the office, providing insights into space design, hybrid work models, sustainability initiatives, and Microsoft's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Camille Copetti and Kirsty Parry led the tour, offering informative explanations and answering questions from the students.

The students were grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the Mircosoft team, who hosted the group and shared their expertise and experiences.

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A group of business students at the Mircosoft headquarters in Toronto

Mircosoft logo and signage on an office door

Students at desks listening to a presentation

Bruno Capuano presenting a live demonstration of flying a drone

A group of business students touring the office

A group of business students touring the office