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Cross-Program Collaboration Yields Sweet Results

By Hanadi Alnawab

The BUS 2504 Web Development course, taught by Professor Hanadi Alnawab to Digital Business Management and Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management students collaborated with Baking and Pastry Arts Management program students in the BAKE 253 Bakery Management and Entrepreneurship course, taught by Chef Alastair Gray.

During the course of the project, students from the Baking and Pastry Arts Management program designed and crafted a range of exquisite pastries as part of their BAKE 253 curriculum. Meanwhile, Digital Business Management students worked on developing websites to enhance the online presence of the bakers. A dedicated Bake Sale page was created with an order form to promote the upcoming bake sale scheduled during week 13 of the semester at Gourmet Express.

This project is a great example of interdisciplinary collaboration where students from different programs come together to create something new and exciting. In addition to this, the project also utilized AI tools to support content generation, further enhancing the innovative approach of this collaboration.

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