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Accounting, Finance & Insurance

Careers in accounting, finance and insurance can range from helping others achieve financial security all the way to channeling that entrepreneurial spirit and starting your own business. You decide!

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Advertising, Digital & Marketing

Careers in advertising, digital and marketing can range from providing innovative solutions to maximizing the success of your own enterprise. You decide!

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Baking & Culinary

Careers in baking and culinary can range from how to safely prepare food all the way to creating culinary, baking and confectionary masterpieces. You decide!

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Fashion & Beauty

Careers in fashion and beauty can range from product development and management all the way to creating aesthetic works of art. You decide!

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Global & International

Careers in global and international business cover a range of management, development and marketing industries that can make a difference around the world, either in person or virtually. You decide!

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Hospitality & Tourism

Careers in hospitality and tourism range from leading teams and managing logistics to executing elaborate large-scale events. You decide!

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Legal Studies

Careers in law studies range from research to representing clients in court. You decide!

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Management & Leadership

Careers in management and leadership range from finance, human resources, marketing, and operations all the way to starting your own business. You decide!

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Sport, Recreation & Leisure

Careers in sport, recreation and leisure range from event and program coordination to supervising various operations within the industry. You decide!

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Search and compare programs with common platforms or credentials.

Common Platform Degrees

A two-year common platform gives students the time to decide on their career path while gaining insight into business fundamentals.

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Common Platform Diplomas

Our core business diploma programs provide first year students with an understanding of the fundamental business disciplines.

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Ontario Graduate Certificates

Students accelerate their careers with specialized training from a range of programs that build on previous degrees or diplomas.

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