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Culinary Professor Shares Expert Tips on Minimizing Food Waste

Culinary Professor and Chef Shonah Chalmers, known for her expertise and commitment to sustainability, was featured in an interview on CP24, where she shared tips on how the average consumer can extend their dollar at the grocery store by minimizing food waste.

During the interview, Chef Chalmers shared practical suggestions that she incorporates while teaching to reduce food waste, including how to store leftovers to extend their shelf life as well as creative ideas for using stocks, spices, vinaigrettes, and meatless recipes that can be made with food scraps.

As an advocate for sustainability, Chef Chalmers emphasized the importance of making the most out of every ingredient to minimize waste and maximize flavour. Her tips provided valuable insights into how home cooks can reduce their environmental impact and save money by being mindful of food waste in their kitchens.

Watch Chef Shonah Chalmers's interview on food sustainability below.

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