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Certificate of Completion | TDP1

As a pension plan trustee or member of a pension committee, you have a lot of responsibility. The decisions you make will have lasting effects on the plan and the fund for pensioners and the plan sponsor. Whether you are a new trustee or already have experience, it is vital that you have the proper education and training to equip you with the tools to make the right decisions.

Become a more effective pension trustee or pension committee member. Get relevant, thorough training to help you make sound and ethical decisions for plan members.


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Course Name 2023/2024 Academic Year 2024/2025 Academic Year
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TDP 010: Trustee Development Program - Basic
TDP 020: Trustee Development Program - Advanced

Compulsory Courses

TDP 010 Trustee Development Program - Basic

The Trustee Development Program - Basic course will provide you with the basic knowledge trustees need to have as an overseer of a pension plan. The course will also help you to better understand the business of pensions including language, documentation, players and organizations involved. The course also involves examining pension governance and the key role of the trustee.


TDP 020 Trustee Development Program - Advanced

The Trustee Development Program (TDP) - Advanced course covers legislation and guidelines applicable to pensions and the consequences of “ignoring the law”. This course will also help provide knowledge about the process of pension plan investing, reporting, and useful insights about how to work with your investment managers. Lastly, the course will identify practical tools to improve your oversight role as a trustee so you can better serve and protect your plan members.


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