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Tourism/Travel Student Enjoys Cultural Experience In International Internship

Shashith Ishanka
ABP Tours & Travel - Tourism Operations Assistant, Winter 2021

My Internship Experience

As an intern, I have been able to get exposure to travel company management operations and the decision-making process. This placement helped me to decide which areas I should consider practicing more as a travel consultant.

The Most Valuable Thing I’ve Learned About Work and Career

Doing a job, which I always dreamt of, I feel alive and very successful. Doing work is essential for everyone and doing the right work in your career gives you self-motivation as well as self-fulfillment in your life. This is the most valuable thing I learned and I felt about work and career.

Why I Chose Tourism –Travel Services Management

I wanted to learn more about the travel and tourism field and get international experience. The travel field is a growing industry, which is updating with technology. I see this industry as the best field for those who are looking to do new things always and it is a field with big potential.

The Most Valuable Thing I’ve Learned About Myself

I learned that I am very eager to learn and have experience in my career field. I always try to practice the things and concepts that I have been learning in the lectures and I always want to learn something new.

What are some of the interesting challenges about your placement in an international virtual work environment?

Sometimes I had to face misunderstandings from poor communication as well as the inability to ask questions at the right time in the process of work.

How did the international and virtual element of your work placement affect your experience overall?

It gave me good experience in the virtual work environment as well as work internationally. I used to work with employees from the same nations and cultures, but this experience allowed me to work with people who are from different cultural backgrounds and nations. It was a really good experience in my life.

Words of Wisdom or Advice to Future Students

Always be eager to learn something new in your career field. Apply practical experience to what you learned in classes. That will brighten your future. Work hard to attain your targets and always working on strategies to succeed in the future.

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Shashith Ishanka