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Supply Chain Management Student Lands Competitive Intern Position at DHL

Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management student Ali Waqedi was offered an internship position at DHL Supply Chain working for their customer Shoppers Drug Mart.

Ali participated in DHL's Intern Day where sixteen students were interviewed by hiring managers. Several of the students who attended were enrolled in Humber's Supply Chain Management program while others were from Dalhousie University and the University of Waterloo. The DHL Managers were exceptionally impressed by the educational qualifications the Humber students provided.

During the interview process, the students were asked to conduct a three-minute presentation about themselves in which they needed to discuss why they were the most qualified candidate for the position. Ali found that the prior knowledge learned in classes to prepare him for the position provided a huge competitive advantage over students from the other universities. "The specific comprehension and recall of the information I learned in the Operations Management, Forecasting and Inventory Management, Transportation and Network Design, Facility Planning and Warehousing and Purchasing really drew the attention of the hiring managers. I know for a fact that those classes are the core of DHL business operations," said Ali.

"I always appreciated Professor Nabeel Mandahawi's classes when he told us to speak the Supply Chain language. When we speak the language, we demonstrate a higher level of understanding of the course material. This is exactly what happened during DHL's Intern Day. Many of the Humber students spoke the language by discussing DHL's performance indicators (KPIs), lean approach and sustainability strategies. This gave the managers confidence and communicated that we were prepared."

Several Humber students, including Ali, were selected for the internship position. Ali credits Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management Professor Nabeel Mandahawi for taking the time after school to prepare him for what DHL focuses on as a logistics provider and is grateful to Professor Nabeel for sharing his knowledge and experiences with the class. 

A special thanks to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program Coordinator Nedal Ismail, who worked with other faculty team members to design a unique SCM program.

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Ali Waqedi

Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management student Ali Waqedi

Nabeel Mandahawi

Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management Professor Nabeel Mandahawi