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Business Professor Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

Supply Chain Management Professor Nabeel Mandahawi's paper titled “The internet of things in the food supply chain: adoption challenges” has been published by the Benchmarking: An International Journal (BIJ). The paper was a corporative work with professors from Canada, Indonesia, and Yemen.

The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most recent topics being adopted by food supply chain management (FSCM). COVID-19 in addition to global disruptions has forced the industry to start applying new tools in the Supply Chain Management system such as IoT and Blockchain Management.

The BIJ is the first journal to examine a business process design and improvement that is revolutionizing established practice and performance and is critical for companies committed to organizational performance based on measures/metrics, benchmarking and implementing the best practices. It has created high levels of interest in benchmarking techniques and best practices which promise improved world class organizational performance with a 2020 Scopus rank of 4.9.

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Nabeel Mandahawi