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Humber Sport Management Students Tackle Tickets Sales for the Toronto Argos

Humber Sport Management Alumni (2015) and current MLSE Sales Manager for BMO Field Events, Thiago Freire along with his MLSE colleagues Vanessa Tellez and Kristen Bettencourt, challenged Humber students to develop a Sales Strategy and implement it to sell Toronto Argos tickets. Students received ticket sales training from MLSE and had four weeks to attempt to sell single tickets to the last for the October 29th Toronto Argonauts home game and learn about the sales process along the way.

In total students sold 146 tickets and gained valuable real-life experience and feedback from the sport industry professionals on their sales strategy and presentations.

Students were rewarded with incentives like Toronto Argonauts merchandise, a networking lunch with MLSE Management, and Toronto Raptors tickets.

“As a Humber Graduate it makes me proud to see the program organizing project like this one, it’s a tremendous opportunity for students to face real-life challenges and understand the concept of ticket sales in the sports industry,” explained Thiago.

His colleagues echoed Thiago’s thoughts.

“Working with Humber College has been a unique experience in training students how to be Sports sales professionals,” said Kristen. “This is something that I wish I had as a student so I was super excited to give back, provide support and share my journey to becoming a sports industry professional.”

Vanessa stated “What I liked the most about this sales project with Humber was contributing to the students learning journey and having the chance to provide some insights from our day-to-day role. Also having the opportunity to share more about the Argos brand with a younger audience.”

Students appreciated the process of prospecting, cold-calling, and learning the importance of being an effective communicator when selling a product.

The top selling Group consisting of Cameron Spears, Cole Lucenti, Sebastian Bellitti, and Jennifer Raptopoulos sold 32 tickets.

“We all enjoyed this assignment and took pride in selling the number of tickets we sold,” said Group Leader Jennifer. “We had an amazing time cheering on the Raptors at their home game and getting the chance to create a bond with fellow Sport Management colleagues!”

Plans are already underway for the next challenge!

Thiago Freire

Cameron Spears, Sebastian Bellitti, Jennifer Raptopoulos

Cameron Spears, Sebastian Bellitti, Jennifer Raptopoulos sold 32 tickets and were rewarded with Toronto Raptors tickets!

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