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Humber Makes Sure That Their Students Don't Miss Out On Learning Experiences

Tejaswini Shivkumar Jadeja
Universidad Latina de Costa Rica - Marketing Intern, Winter 2021

My Internship Experience

Participating in an international virtual environment has been an interesting professional experience. I love learning about different cultures, and working in a Spanish-speaking company was an interesting challenge. I got the opportunity to practice Spanish with my Managers and Supervisors. The international work environment is a confident booster!

Working for a non-profit organization reminded me how important it is to market their services for higher donations. This has motivated me to work for organizations that need a strong marketing team to lead them to a road of success. I aspire to work with organizations across the globe for these challenging experiences.

Why I Chose the Marketing Management Postgraduate

I chose the Marketing Management Program to strengthen my knowledge of the Canadian market. My professors have immense experience and their stories have taught me beyond the textbooks.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned About Work and Career

I learned to make the best of every opportunity provided by Humber. Being a part of clubs, classroom activities, and working in an International internship provided by Humber made this academic year one of the best learning experiences.

The Most Valuable Thing I’ve Learned About Myself

I was happy to have made some great friends over the past 8 months through online classes. I surprised myself with how well I could manage school and work life with the support of our professors and peers.

How did the international and virtual elements of your work placement affect your experience overall? Challenges and successes.

The only challenge I faced was not being able to work in person. The internship was so interesting that I would have loved to have been in Costa Rica and making a difference. But overall, I felt proud to have been a part of an organization that truly cares for others and strives to make this place a better world.

What were the successes and/or barriers to communication while working in a globally diverse team?

I worked with ULatina and was helping a children's foundation in Costa Rica to raise funds for their schools. Being a part of a globally diverse team was an engaging experience as I had the opportunity to work with different mindsets, and understanding their perspectives. Our goal was to formulate an International Fundraising Plan for their organization to help children break from the cycle of poverty. Knowing that all team members were of similar mindsets drove us to create successful campaigns.

Words of Wisdom or Advice to Future Students

Due to the pandemic, I didn't get to be on-campus during my academic year but Humber always made sure that we didn't miss out on our learning experience. Kudos to the college for always making these virtual classes, clubs, internships, etc. experience fun and interesting!

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Tejaswini Shivkumar Jadeja