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Management Studies Capstone Project Lands Student a Job Offer

In their final year, Bachelor of Commerce – Management Studies degree students complete a senior-level capstone project, allowing them to demonstrate their learning while working on a team to solve real problems.

Management Studies student, Taryn Schepens along with four others in her group, were tasked with a daunting part of the strategy for a new 100-bed facility currently under planning for Safehaven, a not-for-profit residential and respite care facility for children with complex medical needs, with five locations across the GTA.

The project required the group to work closely with SonderBloom, the consulting firm leading the project for Safehaven, to develop creative solutions. This included generating revenue for the facility through social enterprise projects for the new community living facility, and most critically, to increase integration with the surrounding community to ensure that facility residents are part of society - enhancing their emotional and mental development.

Taryn stepped out of her comfort zone to lead her group and delivered an excellent project to Safehaven. Shortly after the presentation, she was contacted by SonderBloom for a job offer with their agency.

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    Taryn Schepens
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