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International Business Students Host IBA Webinar with Guest Speaker Andrea Pierce

Fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce - International Business program students Idil Yorgancilar and Lionel Campbell moderated their first webinar of 2021 in the International Business Association (IBA) Guest Speaker series.

The Guest Speaker Series, offered by the IBA roots to inspire students with valuable, real-life, applicable information relating to the world of business with an interview-style webinar.

Andrea Pierce, an executive with the private sector, government experience, and current Vice-Chair of the Afro Canadian Chamber of Commerce (ACCC), spoke to students on how to define their career path. Her international experience provided a better insight into what was required in business as well as the expectations of students as they continue their careers.

Andrea's webinar was shortly followed by a lively question and answer period and offered valuable feedback to those in attendance.

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Andrea Pierce over Zoom