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Insurance Employer Showcase Initiative a Huge Success

The Insurance Management program offered a new way to engage Insurance Management students with employers this year via an Insurance Employer Showcase initiative.

The Insurance Employer Showcases were held as optional to students once a week during 8 weeks of each semester of the Insurance Management program during the 2020/2021 semesters. As a result, Insurance Management students met over 20+ employers which included brokers, independent adjusting firms, insurance companies, and insurance agencies.

According to one Insurance Management student, the “Insurance Management Employer Showcases were a great way to learn and network with employers”. Some of the Insurance Employer Showcases even lead to job opportunities and interviews.

The Insurance Management Program would like to thank the many Insurance Companies, Independent Adjusting Firms and Brokers, and Agents for attending this great initiative, and sharing their insight about their company and the industry with students.

Insurance Employer Showcase

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