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Insurance Career Day a Huge Success!

On October 14, 2021 the Insurance Management in partnership with Canadian Association of Black Insurance Professionals (CAPIB), and the Ontario Insurance Professionals Association (OIPA) hosted a very successful Insurance Career Day at Humber College.

This year Insurance Career Day showcased an amazing group of industry thought leaders which included:

  • Sheldon Williams, Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd., Owner, Licensee Office - CAPIB
  • Dionne Bowers, D.B. Solutions, Owner - CAPIB
  • Oliver Gonzalez, OGEE Solutions Inc., President, Civil/Environmental Engineer - OIPA
  • Kristina Snelgrove, April, Business Development & Marketing Strategy Manager- Ontario - OIPA
  • Randy Chiasson, Economical, Manager, Claims
  • Cristian Altobelli, Markel Canada, Underwriter, Environmental
  • Leah Sangster, Accomsure, Account Manager
  • Sami Shakar, Kodsi Forensic Engineering, Manager, Physicist & Client Relations Manager - OIPA
  • Philip Kountouris, Broadstreet Properties Ltd, Insurance & Risk Manager

The event was a tremendous success as Insurance Management students had the great opportunity to meet with various industry thought leaders.

screenshot from the Insurance Career Day web session

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