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Hospitality Management Student Selected Into Unique Food Entrepreneurship Program

Kate Naumova, 3rd Semester Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management student has been accepted into the Chartwells and Venturepark Labs “Concept to Market Sprint” program that supports food entrepreneurs by offering industry insights and coaching. Post-secondary students apply to this program and are given exclusive access to programming that supports their entrepreneurial spirit and helps to shape the future of food products in Canada.

Kate’s food product includes a cool, unique take on tea: frozen tea sticks. Looking to create a tea experience that is both Instagrammable and delicious, she describes her inspiration: “I love aesthetics and details. I also love when ordinary things are presented in an unusual way. I got the idea of “frozen tea bars” from Norwegian restaurants that serve “tea drinks” in the form of frozen cubes consisting of berries, fruits, spices, and herbs. The frozen tea sticks I’m looking to create will easily dissolve in hot water or milk and are ready to enjoy! They will include a combination of flavours such as strawberry and basil, passion fruit and rosemary, sea buckthorn and ginger. The teas will be non-caffeinated and contain no additional sugar. The freezing process is also unique in that it will ensure the berries and fruits retain their vitamins – making the drink tasty, aesthetically beautiful in serving, and very healthy!”

Kristy Adams, Program Coordinator for the Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Program expressed her excitement and pride in Kate and the opportunity, “The Concept to Market Sprint program is a new and exciting initiative that comes at the right time for the hospitality industry as well as for eager and bright post-secondary hospitality students. Humber College is grateful for our partnership with Chartwells, and we thank them and Venturepark Labs for their commitment to student development. Kate’s devotion to extending her hospitality skills and knowledge at Humber College and her immense passion for the tourism and hospitality industry is reflective of our students. A world traveler before she joined Humber College, Kate brings original and creative ideas, as well as great energy to her educational and career growth. This wonderful opportunity will help to extend her entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to enjoying Kate's innovative and healthy creations."

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