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Everything Comes Together, Remotely, in Marketing Internship

Avneet Singh
Universidad Latina de Costa Rica - Marketing Intern, Winter 2021

My Internship Experience

The interesting challenges about my placement are related to communication. It was remote and indifferent to country, time zones, cultures, etc. All this played role in making it a little more challenging. When I started this program, I thought some of the courses were not important in the event industry. For example, the marketing course was the one I thought was not related, but later I realized that it is critical to promotion and ticket sales. After this, I realized there is a very big industry in the Marketing sector. Communication is the most critical part of a team. While I was working we communicated on a lot on different online platforms and weekly video meetings as well. Overall, it was a great experience.

Why I Chose Hospitality – Event Management

From where I come from, weddings and events are a fully developed market, but in Canada, it is still growing. I chose the program that I felt had a mix of every course I had an interest in, that is why I decided on the Hospitality - Event Management program at Humber.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned About Work and Career

The knowledge we received in class was very close to actual implementation in real life. The small things which sometimes we think we don't need have come to use. For example, all the Electives and WRIT courses proved to be very helpful.

The Most Valuable Thing I’ve Learned About Myself

The most valuable thing I learned about myself is that I can push my limits whether it is working mentally, physically, or creatively as in this placement. We had to do a lot of research and had to generate different strategies for implementation. I learned that identifying and overcoming my weaknesses will help me become a better version of myself.

How did the international and virtual elements of your work placement affect your experience overall? Challenges and successes.

I would like to start by saying that it was a great experience. Of course, it would have been greater if I was in Costa Rica and working but due to the pandemic, this was not possible. However this work experience has helped me strengthen my adaptability - working virtually and coping up with a few of the difficulties I faced.

Words of Wisdom or Advice to Future Students

The advice I would like to give to future students who will be coming to Canada or studying this program is to focus on your studies and overall experience. I believe that college is all about the experience, we get to meet different people from different cultures and places. Listening to faculty is also important as sometimes there is more hidden in the lectures that you might think, which is translated through their stories and personal experiences.

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Avneet Singh