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Making a Relativ Impact

Sarah Nielsen completed the Fundraising Management graduate certificate program in 2018 and has since taken her career global.

When Sarah began working for Relativ Impact in South Africa, she did not realize she would be launching the Canadian office shortly after. Now Sarah uses her skills in fundraising across multiple continents to help charities evaluate their impact through measurable outcomes.

Last year, Sarah and Relativ's Co-Founder, Colin Habberton, facilitated a Theory of Change roadmap for the Fundraising Management graduate certificate program at Humber. "The process really clarified the role the program is playing by continuing to lead in fundraising education and furthering positive social change on a much larger level. With 25 years of alumni working globally across all causes - from social justice to health, education, the environment and more - the impact is significant," said Samantha Jones, Fundraising Management Program Coordinator and Professor.

Sarah visited the Humber campus to join the 2023 Fundraising Management class. She shared information on the evolution of the measurement and impact field and its importance when articulating cases for support - ensuring philanthropic investments lead to their intended results. 

“Enabling organizations around the world to use impact measurement as an opportunity to strengthen stakeholder relations, mobilize resources, and ultimately, amplify their impact, has been so rewarding. I am extremely grateful for the doors that my Humber network has opened, and continues to open - for me and my colleagues.” - Sarah

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