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Fashion Management Graduate Featured in "The Rise of a Handmade Career" on GH360

In an Arts & Entertainment featured article by Odjuani De Moura Okoudowa, Kiona Harrison, a graduate from the Fashion Management program is interviewed along with program coordinator, Francesca D'Angelo in the article "The Rise of a Handmade Career".

During the pandemic, Kiona began selling handmade cloth masks. Later on, she invested in selling tote bags, scrunchies, and offering clothing alterations once she launched the virtual store in June 2020.

In the article, Kiona says that the pandemic has had an important influence on the growth of craftsmanship work in the fashion industry. “I think the pandemic has played a huge part in the rise of handmade apparel. Buying local and supporting small businesses really took off at the beginning of the pandemic and continued throughout,” she said.

During the interview, Francesca points out that the purpose of sustainability and the effect of the pandemic might be one of the other reasons for this growing trend. “There is of course also an environmental element here that sees people’s level of consciousness around excess,” she says.

Kiona Harrison

Kiona Harrison, the founder of Icarus Apparel & Alterations

Find out more about the sustainability stream in the program.

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