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The Biggest Annual Fashion Forum in Brazil Invites Humber Fashion Faculty to Present

Rossie Kadiyska, Program Coordinator, and Vladimira Steffek, professor, from the Fashion Management Graduate Certificate program presented at the 16th Fashion Colloquium, the biggest annual fashion forum in Brazil.

The event is organized and promoted by the Brazilian Association of Studies and Research in Fashion (ABEPEM). Together with their Brazilian colleague, Professor Luciana Chen, they wrote an article and presented live at the event, showcasing the development of a new curriculum that integrates sustainability and internationalization in teaching fashion to college students. The article title “Educational Partnerships: Sustainable Denim and Education for Sustainability in the classroom” is in Portuguese “Parcerias Educativas: Projetos Voltados Ao Denim Sustentável.”

The article and the presentation are based on the experience and lessons learned from the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project with our partner school, Senac University in Brasil, successfully done in Winter 2021 semester. In this collaborative project, students from multiple disciplines (Humber Arts Management, Humber PR, Humber Fashion Management, Senac University Fashion Design) together examined the current denim market and worked on proposing sustainable denim solutions for the fashion industry.

For more information on the event and the live presentation, visit:

Fashion Forum flyer

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