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Fashion Management Students Participate in Virtual Networking Session

On Tuesday, December 21st, 2021, The Social Networking Committee hosted a virtual networking session for the current Post-Grad Fashion Management students. The panel included two Humber College Alumni, Milena Di Feo, and Mariana Amesa, who both graduated from the Fashion Management program and have been working in the fashion industry for the past two years. Mariana and Milena shared their own experiences within the program and their time spent thus far in the industry, offering advice on everything from networking to the application and interview process for internships/jobs. Both Alumni even touched on specific unexpected interview questions that stood out to them. Current fashion management students were also able to ask their own questions at the end of the panel discussion and gained tremendous insight into what can be expected coming out of the program. What better way to connect with peers in the fashion industry than speaking directly with Alumni who have shared similar experiences?

Is there anything you would have done differently in the Fashion Management course?

"Networking. Reaching out to people, meeting up for coffee or virtual chats, I wish I would have done more of that. I think that if I had done that during my time in the program, I maybe would have gotten to the point I am now in my career today a lot quicker."

- Milena Di Feo

How did you go about finding your co-op? Did you find connections or job postings on LinkedIn or through word of mouth?

"I found my internship through the guest speaker project we completed in the second semester. After the session I reached out to the speaker expressing my interest in the company and my willingness to learn. I asked if they had any internship opportunities and they did!

- Mariana Amesa

How did you land your first job? Was there anything in the interview you were asked that stood out to you or that you think is a good interview question?

"It definitely did not come without a few trials and tribulations. From my internship I made connections with people at head office and applied to different positions at the company. An interesting question I was asked was,"if you were to describe the colour yellow to someone who is colour blind, how would you describe it?"".

- Milena Di Feo

We have seen such a shift in consumer purchasing behaviours these past years due to the pandemic, where do you see the future of fashion heading towards?

"Sustainability is impacting the fashion industry a lot. Especially after the Pandemic, consumers are more conscious about their buying decisions. They think twice before buying something they may not even need."

- Mariana Amesa

MilenaDi Feo


Fashion Management alumni Milena Di Feo and Mariana Amesa

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