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Fashion Management Students in the Spotlight

By Jasreen Pannu

Fashion Management Sustainability postgraduate students, led by Humber Professors Trevor Smith and Rossie Kadiyska, had the opportunity to partake in the 2021 PI Apparel Spotlight: Supply Chain Transparency and Visibility event. During this event, students listened to many wonderful speakers address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the legacy of the fashion supply chain. This spotlight explored the opportunities and challenges of alternative supply chain models that could solve the issue surrounding mass customization.

Each panel discussion allowed participants and speakers alike to probe one question: is a transparent and ethical supply chain the better future for fashion? By learning about the importance of collaboration and transparency across the supply chain, students discovered that unprecedented disruptions can be mitigated through the help of having a solid supplier strategy post-pandemic.

A key takeaway from the panel discussion focused on the importance now, more than ever, to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process so everyone can take ownership of their part in the supply chain. There is a saying that “transparency builds trust” and with diligent standardization from policymakers and transparency shown from each stakeholder, one can expect the fashion supply chain to be more ethical and sustainable in the future.

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