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Fashion Alumna Guest Speaker Inspires Students

By Mariana Amesa

Fashion Management students welcomed alumna and Product Developer and Design Assistant for Hudson’s Bay Alicia Jocson as a guest speaker last month.

During Alicia's presentation, she addressed various topics including her experience after graduating, how she started her career, and, provided a thorough description of the day in the life of a Product Development and Design Assistant. Her presentation was followed by a Q&A in which students asked in-depth questions and engaged in meaningful conversation about the different aspects of the fashion industry.

The students were inspired by Alicia's journey and impressed to learn that one of the key factors in her experience was not being afraid to ask questions in order to show interest, as well as a willingness to learn and avoid unnecessary mistakes in the future. Moreover, students were reminded of the power of networking, especially with fellow classmates and professors.

Alicia's success story resonated with students so much so that after her presentation some decided to connect with her in order to ask follow-up questions in a one-on-one online interview related to the industry. The interview will be featured on the Fashion Management program’s Instagram account and will explore the different opportunities Alicia has encountered as well as tips on how to help fashion students achieve career success.

The Fashion Management students would like to thank Alicia for her time and valuable insights, as well as Program Coordinator Rossie Kadyiska and Product Development Professor Julie Savile for inviting her as a guest speaker.

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Alicia Jocson